12 Leftover Turkey Recipe Ideas For Christmas 2022


Christmas is turkey-eating season! If you’ve been a follower for years already, you probably read our blog for leftover Christmas turkey recipe ideas. Now, we’ve decided to add some more delicious leftover turkey recipe ideas that you can try this Christmas season. From pizzas to sandwiches, from satays to soups, we got you covered.

1. Southwest Turkey Soup

via A Mind “Full” Mom

What better way to start the cold day after Christmas than with a hearty bowl of turkey soup? This turkey soup recipe is very simple to make and it’s made with leftover turkey in a creamy and spicy broth.

2. Best Leftover Turkey Sandwich

via Nish Kitchen

A turkey sandwich is a must during the Christmas season! This simple and delicious turkey sandwich recipe is packed with all your favourite Christmas food essentials. Truly delicious in every bite!

3. Turkey Casserole

via Dinner then Dessert

If you’re making food for a big family, this turkey casserole recipe is just perfect for you! In just about 45 minutes, you get to enjoy a creamy and delicious turkey casserole with your whole family.

4. Kung Pao Turkey

via 10 Hidden High-Protein Recipes

One of Scott’s most beloved ‘fakeaway’ recipes, this Kung Pao Turkey is also a perfect leftover turkey idea. The perfect rice bowl after the holidays!

5. Turkey Pot Pie

via Spend with Pennies

This turkey pot pie recipe is also perfect for making sure you enjoy any leftover veggies too! Packed with turkey leftovers and any veggies that you have, this is another healthy meal that you can have this holiday season.

6. Turkey Enchiladas

via Bake it with Love

If you’re also a fan of cheese, these delicious and cheesy turkey enchiladas are the perfect dish for you! It’s so easy to make but definitely something that will be loved by everyone.

7. Turkey Cobb Salad

via Downshiftology

If you’re feeling a bit more health-conscious right after the holidays, this cobb salad is the one for you. Packed with fresh greens and topped with turkey and eggs, this delicious salad recipe is something that would make you feel healthier during the holidays.

8. Leftover Turkey Hash

via The Mom 100

Got no time to prep breakfast the next day? This turkey hash is so easy to make and you can make use of any leftover potatoes and veggies too.

9. Turkey Stroganoff

via Rock Recipes

Now if you’re already planning for a quick dinner idea, this turkey stroganoff is a real hit! In just under 25 minutes, you get to enjoy a delicious leftover turkey dish with your family.

10. Turkey Pizza

via The Spruce Eats

How about some pizza? If you’re tired of the usual turkey sandwiches, this turkey pizza is the real deal. You can just use a store-bought crust or make your own from scratch and top it with turkey, bacon and cheese.

11. Turkey Lasagna

via Greedy Gourmet

Here’s another turkey pasta dish idea just for you! A recipe that’s packed with rich flavours, this is the perfect post-holiday treat for everyone.

12. Turkey Satay

via 10 Hidden High-Protein Recipes

If you’re craving something tastier but still easy to do, this turkey satay recipe is something you should try. Perfect for peanut butter fans.

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