11 Essential Garden Tools to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring


If you want to do something meaningful for the environment this Earth Day (or any time of year, really), start in your own backyard. Plan a yard cleanup day, plant some native trees and shrubs for spring, or finally build those raised flower beds you’ve been talking about. The only things you need? A little planning, elbow grease, and some quality garden tools.

When done right, backyard gardens can actually help reverse negative environmental impacts by increasing biodiversity, improving air and soil quality, and, if you pair your garden with a compost bin, reducing food waste. To create those benefits, you’ll need to keep sustainability in mind when landscaping. Techniques like permaculture, using native plants, and xeriscaping will yield the most earth-friendly yard.

To get started, make sure you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work. From breathable work gloves to an all-terrain utility cart, the garden tools below are an ideal starter kit for yard work tasks like planting, clearing beds, and more.

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