10 Best Vegan Skin Care Brands for Men


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You don’t have to be vegan to use vegan skin care products. Plenty of men are making the switch from cheap, chemical-laden self-care products to certified vegan brands.

What’s all the fuss about when it comes to vegan products? Unlike traditional skin care, vegan skin care contains no animal products or products derived from animals. Instead, it’s created with gentler plant-based ingredients that your skin loves.

We know what you’re thinking: “Who cares if my skin care products are vegan?” Well, man, you should. Vegan skin care products contain cleaner, safer, more effective ingredients that skip animal-based materials, opting for natural botanicals and minerals.

Ready to improve your skin with vegan products? Here are the 10 best vegan skin care brands for men.

1. Blu Atlas


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While there are plenty of vegan skin care brands for men to choose from, the gold standard is Blu Atlas. The premium brand formulates the best vegan products for men. Every one of their products is made with 96% to 100% naturally derived ingredients and is vegan and cruelty-free.

In a world where men are typically exposed to over 120 chemicals on their faces and body every day, Blu Atlas set out to reduce that exposure and provide safe, nature-based products that improve the skin. With effective, vetted scientific research and a medical advisory board, the brand scienced up their formulas so men can follow a vegan skin care routine that actually works.

The brand has a wide range of products that work well both for guys who want a simple routine and those who want to spice things up. Keep things simple with the Starter Set, or up the ante with the Advanced Skincare Kit. Each bundle offers the buyer a discount, and the set includes all the products you need to get started.

Our favorite vegan products from Blu Atlas include the Volcanic Ash Face Cleanser, Exfoliating Scrub, Purifying Face Mask and Face Moisturizer. The vegan formulas contain skin-boosting, plant-based ingredients that make taking care of your skin easy.

The whole Blu Atlas line is vegan and free from animal products. To learn more about each product, read the ingredient list online and see exactly what you’re putting on your face. Blu Atlas is the best vegan skin care brand for men, and is the No. 1 choice for those who want safe, effective products.

2. Oars + Alps

Build a solid skin care routine with a vegan skin care brand that takes your safety seriously. All Oars + Alps products (except lip balm) are vegan and target skin concerns that many men struggle with. Treat early signs of aging, protect against environmental stressors, and keep your face clear, clean and hydrated with high-quality ingredients.

Vegan products are the perfect solution for men with dry or sensitive skin. Instead of harmful chemicals, vegan self-care items use plant-based ingredients to care for the skin. Ingredients like aloe vera, activated charcoal, jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin E, witch hazel and Amazonian clay provide relief and restoration for your skin.

Are you interested in a simple Oars + Alps vegan skin care routine? In the morning, start with the Gentle Foaming Wash or Solid Charcoal Face Wash to clear up your complexion and remove any overnight oils or excess skin. This ensures your skin is smooth and ready for the next step.

Depending on your skin concerns, follow it up with the Wake Up Face Serum (a powerful anti-aging product), Oil Attacker Face Mask or Wake Up Eye Stick. You’ll need a moisturizer like Face + Eye Cream or Everyday Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer with SPF 37 to complete your routine. We recommend using the dual moisturizer (with sunscreen) in the morning and the face and eye cream duo in the evening before hitting the hay.

The trusted vegan brand offers a Face Essentials Kit that includes everything you need to get started with a basic skin care routine. Oars + Alps also offers targeted treatment systems that help men deal with oily and acne-prone skin or dryness. Choose from the Oily Skin Trio, Dry Skin Trio and Matt Wilpers’ Morning Routine.

3. Harry’s


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 is a vegan skin- and hair-care brand that conjures up elixirs and potions that make you look and feel fantastic. The only product in Harry’s lineup that isn’t certified vegan is their Hair Texturizing Putty. So avoid that bad boy if you want to go all in on the veganism – minus the food.

With Harry’s vegan skin care brand for men, you can build a grooming routine from head to toe. From invigorating facial washes to trusty razors and products for scalp care, you’ll be able to find a product that treats every one of your self-care needs.

Need a body wash that kills odors and bacteria and is also vegan and cruelty-free? Harry’s has got you covered. Want a night cream that hydrates your skin all night long? Harry’s Hydrating Night Lotion is reporting for duty.

Whatever you need, this brand can handle it. Harry’s is one of the best vegan skin care brands for men.

4. Marlowe


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Transform dull, dirty skin into a smooth, sexy complexion with an all-vegan skin care brand for men. Marlowe’s produces top-tier products for men interested in items that are 100% organic and PETA-certified animal testing free.

One of the brand’s best-selling products is its vegan soap bars, which sell like hotcakes. Choose from premium bars like the Body Scrub Soap Bar with scents like oud wood, santal and the brand’s “original” scent. Each vegan soap bar can be used as an exfoliating and cleansing tool to remove excess dirt, grime and oil from the body.

Men love Marlowe for their five-star products and have voted it one of the 10 best vegan skin care brands for men.

5. Jack Black


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Even if you’re new to the vegan skin care world, you’ve likely heard of Jack Black. It’s a wildly popular brand that has men flocking to it. You’ll be happy to hear that it is mostly vegan and completely PETA-certified cruelty-free, which means they never test their products on animals.

Jack Black’s vegan products are effective and do what they say. The formulas are a blend of nature-based ingredients like plant oils and botanicals, and improve the appearance of the skin. Their products are free from sulfates and parabens and are ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Note, however, that the Jack Black skin care line does contain a few products that aren’t vegan, including the Clean Boost Soothing Antioxidant Honey and NightMode Lip Treatment.

6. Bulldog


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Make skin care easy with a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand. Bulldog is a popular men’s vegan skin care brand that offers men some of the best budget-friendly tools of the trade.

Instead of wasting money on marketing and fancy packaging, they put all that money into making effective products that men love. When men get hooked on one product, they start purchasing other Bulldog products until they’ve got the whole set. You can find all the vegan products you need in one place with grooming, skin care and shaving options.

The Original Face Wash and Original Bar Soap are two of the brand’s top-selling products. Bulldog is one of the 10 best vegan skin care brands for men.

7. Thrive


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Let your skin thrive with a skin care brand that focuses on men’s overall health and wellness. Thrive is rooted in the ethos that products made with all-natural ingredients and without junk will help you live a healthier life.

Thrive products are certified vegan, offering skin care and shaving products to help you groom from head to toe. Start your day with the Face Wash for Sensitive Skin, and follow up with the non-greasy Face Balm to lock in moisture.

Every product is free from parabens, petroleum, synthetic dyes, gluten, PEGs and formaldehyde, which makes it a great addition to your skin care lineup.

8. The Ordinary


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Worried that products from The Ordinary won’t be up to scratch? Don’t be. All of The Ordinary’s products are 100% and PETA-certified cruelty-free. And, of course, they’re wildly popular with beauty and skin care gurus.

The Ordinary is a brand that likes to keep things simple. Each pot, bottle or tube is clearly labeled with the key ingredient that will treat or transform your skin. There’s no confusion when you pick up one of their products.

With so many vegan products to choose from, you may need a little help. Men can take a quick quiz on their website to help build their skin regimen. To make things even easier, the brand also has quick “skin care sets” like The Daily Set, The Bright Set, The Balance Set (pictured above) and The Future Set for guys who don’t want to build their own skin care routine.

9. Drunk Elephant


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Add a little luxury to your morning or evening routine with a unisex vegan skin care brand that makes skin care fun. While not all of Drunk Elephant’s skin care products are 100% vegan, a few of their top-selling products are. All of their products are cruelty-free and free from the “suspicious 6”: alcohol, silicones, SLS, fragrances, dyes and chemical sunscreens.

Vegan products like the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum, Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser and A-Passioni Retinol Cream are great tools for any man’s grooming routine. The Littles Skincare Travel Set (pictured above) is the perfect kit for men who want to continue a well-rounded skin care routine even when they’re on the go.

10. Acure


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Affordability and vegan ingredients are at the heart of Acure. This brand is helping men groom from top to bottom. Every product in the brand’s lineup, including skin care, shaving, hair and grooming products, is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. One of the fan favorites is their Brightening Starter Kit (pictured above), which illuminates and revitalizes dull, tired-looking skin.

Their formulas are also free from harsh chemicals like parabens, petrolatum, formaldehyde and sulfates. Finding products that work well for your skin and hair type is easy. Head to the site to find categories of products for issues like oily skin, dry skin, combination skin and more.

What You Need to Know About the Best Vegan Skin Care Brands for Men

Vegan skin care isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. While you’re shopping, there are features and potential downfalls you should be aware of. Let’s explore vegan brands and what you should know before buying.

What Is Vegan Skin Care?

Vegan-certified products are items that contain no animal products or by-products. This includes ingredients like gelatin, collagen, squalane, lanolin, honey, stearic acid, oleic acid, casein, cholesterol and beeswax. Instead, vegan skin care items use either synthetic or nature-based ingredients.

How Can I Tell If My Skin Care Is Vegan?

Most vegan skin care lines are labeled “vegan” on the front. It would be unusual for a skin care brand to be vegan and not have that printed on their products. If you’re checking products you already own, then a quick Google search should give you the answer.

Why Are Men Switching to Vegan Skin Care?

Men are switching from traditional skin care brands to vegan ones for several reasons. Vegan formulas contain fewer ingredients, meaning less irritating ingredients like sulfates, parabens and synthetic fragrances.

Plant-based botanicals and essential oils are more nourishing for the skin and contain rich minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. These gentle ingredients are ideal for all skin types and work exceptionally well for guys with sensitive or dry skin.

The Best Vegan Skin Care Routine

Stick to a simple vegan skin care routine to keep costs low while improving and supporting your skin. Here’s the best (basic) vegan skin care routine.

  • Cleanse. Start your morning with a fresh, clean face. During your morning routine, use a face wash to remove grime, bacteria and oil, and clear out your pores. Cleansing your skin preps it for the vegan products you’ll use later. At the end of the day, you should wash your face during your evening skin care routine. Washing your face twice daily ensures your pores stay free from excess sebum and prevents blemishes and irritation.
  • Exfoliate (twice a week). Use your vegan exfoliator (physical or chemical) once or twice a week after cleansing the skin. Exfoliants remove excess skin and oil and help regulate the production of sebum (oil that can cause blemishes and pimples).
  • Moisturize. Don’t skip this step. Apply moisturizer after you’ve gently cleansed the skin and used any exfoliants. The right moisturizer supports the skin barrier while protecting it from external stressors, and keeps it hydrated and healthy. Moisturize during your morning and evening skin care routine.

You can customize your routine if you’d like to level things up from “basic” skin care to a more advanced class. Depending on your skin type and concerns, you may want to add spot treatments, eye creams, hydrating serums, retinol products, face masks or toners.

Follow the guidance on the label of each product, and be sure to layer it at the correct time in your routine.

How to Shop for Vegan Skin Care Products

Shopping for vegan skin care is slightly different from shopping for “regular” skin care lines. Here’s what you need to know before you buy.

Read the Ingredient List

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for vegan skin care products or regular items; you should always read the ingredient list. The ingredient label will tell you everything you need to know about a product, including whether or not you should be putting it on your skin.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to skin care items is that if a product contains more than 15 ingredients, you should buy something else. Fifteen or more ingredients indicates that it contains harsh chemicals that might irritate the skin and cause unwanted side effects.

You should also read the ingredients themself. See a lot of natural plant oils and safe-for-skin materials? You’ve probably found a high-quality vegan skin care brand. Avoid brands that use ingredients like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial fragrances and other harsh chemicals.

Stick to Your Budget

There’s one downside to vegan products: They can get pretty pricey. You’re likely already aware that regular skin care items can be expensive, but we regret to inform you that vegan brands typically have a higher price tag.

That’s why you must understand your grooming or self-care budget and find a skin care brand that works for you and gives you the most bang for your buck. Some popular brands, like Blu Atlas, offer their skin-loving clients up to a 20% discount, so you can afford both your mortgage and fabulous-looking skin.

Vegan self-care products cost between $10 and $30 on average. Keep that in mind while you’re building your routine. A more advanced routine with serums, eye cream and spot treatments will be more expensive than a simple skin care routine that follows the three basic steps – cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize.

Frequently Asked Questions Can men use vegan skin care?

Absolutely. Men and women can use vegan skin care items to take care of and improve their skin. There are vegan skin care brands formulated for the needs of men, and there are unisex products that work for everyone. Vegan skin care products are often safer than non-vegan items, and skin care experts recommend them for all skin types.

Where can I buy vegan skin care for men?

The best vegan skin care supplies are available online. While some brands like The Ordinary, The Body Shop and Drunk Elephant will be available in stores, other popular brands, like the highly rated Blu Atlas, have online shops where men can find everything they need.

Is Lumin vegan?

No. While Lumin is a popular men’s skin care brand, its products are not vegan. Many of their self-care items contain animal products like beeswax, lactose and animal glycerin.

What’s the best vegan skin care brand for men?

Blu Atlas is the best vegan skin care brand for men. The brand focuses on formulating safe-for-skin products so men can enhance their skin safely and naturally. Their best-selling products are packed with good-for-skin ingredients to soothe, heal and nourish. 

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