You Can Get Southwest Airlines Discounts With This Costco Hack


Costco membership offers you all kinds of discounts, some of which the average member might not be aware of. Case in point: did you know you can get discounts on Southwest Airlines flights? 

Financial educator Ravi Wadan broke it down in a recent TikTok, explaining how Costco members are able to access discounted gift cards for the airline. 

“It surprises me how many people don’t know this, but actually sells gift cards to some of your favorite places at a discount,” he said in the video, noting that many brands’ gift cards can be found on Costco’s website for less than their face value. 

One major brand is Southwest Airlines, which offers at $500 gift card on for $450, a 10 percent discount. A deal running through the end of today, October 13, knocks another $20 off, making it a roughly 14 percent discount. As one customer noted in his comment section, you could pay with a cash-back card to get even greater savings. 

Different brands have different rules, but each Costco member can purchase two of the discounted $500 gift cards online, meaning you can save about $140 on $1,000 worth of flights

There’s a few things to note in the fine print, including that the gift cards are non-refundable and that they can’t be used on third-party booking sites. Still, it’s a great deal, and another example of how Costco membership can save you money in unexpected places.

Check out Ravi Wadan’s full TikTok video below to learn more:


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