Women Aren’t Thrilled About This New iOS 17 Feature


Following the official launch of the iPhone 15 and the Apple Watch Series 9 last week, Apple officially rolled iOS 17 on Monday. The new operating system boasts a ton of new features for newer model iPhone users, such as Live Voicemail, custom Contact Posters, StandBy mode, and a new Journal app. However, one new feature is getting negative feedback from many women, who say it could even pose a safety risk.

Apple’s new NameDrop feature, which the company is calling a “new AirDrop experience,” allows iPhone users to quickly and easily share contact information with one other simply by tapping their phones together. The process is certainly more streamlined than exchanging phone numbers by manually inputting information into your phone, or handing over your device to a new acquaintance.

Once the phones have successfully connected, the user’s Contact Poster will pop up on your phone, giving the option to receive the contact or send your own back. 

One of the best iOS 17 features that you guys should try right after updating: NameDrop. pic.twitter.com/hPxOrK1VVK

— Alvin (@sondesix) September 18, 2023

But for any woman who has ever given a fake number to a stranger, it’s not difficult to see the possible ramifications. As the above tweet lauding the convenience of the NameDrop feature began circulating on X this week, people began joining in the conversation to point out why it might not actually be “one of the best” new iOS 17 features—with one user calling it a “horrible day for women everywhere.”

horrible day for women everywhere https://t.co/s8zjaNt9tz

— Arthouse Director (@tayallard) September 19, 2023

Others had similar sentiments, referring to it as everything from “nightmare fuel” to … well, a “horrible day for strippers everywhere,” not inaccurately. 

This sounds like nightmare fuel for when someone who’s a little too insistent wants your number. https://t.co/pVev7Tu6cb

— phoenix calida is not here for your shit (@uppittynegress) September 19, 2023

horrible day for strippers everywhere https://t.co/zZU45Tf5m8

— reversecowgirl69 (@botticellibimbo) September 18, 2023

Bad day for girls giving weird guys the wrong number https://t.co/u82Mu3rIMv

— ???????? (@mishricci) September 19, 2023

At a party someone was explaining this new technology and just about every woman said this was an awful idea https://t.co/n8gxGEQwuT

— Amber Nelson (@AmberSmelson) September 19, 2023

What if I wanted to lie. Did you ever think about that https://t.co/B31GuAyl0W

— michaela okland (@MichaelaOkla) September 19, 2023

I’ve never seen a technology that was so clearly invented by a man who couldn’t convince women to give him their numbers at parties. https://t.co/kOyjAFGV4E

— John-Michael Bond (@BondJohnBond) September 19, 2023

Fortunately, there’s an easy enough way to opt out of the NameDrop feature and disable it entirely. Simply open the Settings application then go to General, followed by AirDrop, and toggle off “Bringing Devices Together.” Once the feature is turned off, your phone won’t be able to share your contact information without express permission.

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