When to Say When with Steroid Cycles and Extreme Workouts


Sometimes it’s important to know when to say when with steroid cycles and extreme workouts. Not everything with the bodybuilding lifestyle is peaches and cream. Despite the picture that fitness professionals and influencers try to paint, there comes a point when self-awareness is extremely important!

The gym was what built me, not just physically, but it’s what built me mentally as well. The gym has taught me almost every life lesson that I needed to know. The iron teaches us this by allowing us to dig deep within ourselves to prevail. It’s been my foundation in life, my go-to for dealing with things I need help getting through, my daily win no matter how bad shit seems to get!

In the beginning it’s nothing but win after win, but what can happen when you walk further down the path? There are times to click on the afterburners and times to pump your brakes. I tell you this because longevity is the key to truly benefit in every way bodybuilding can enhance your life!

This podcast is not intended to get you excited about getting yoked, it’s to remind you to be self-aware of things outside of the gym in a cause-and-effect state of mind.

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