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So where to start, well the project started a year ago in lockdown and this was really something I made for myself at first as I was just hopping from site to site and thought why not just put it all in one place.

I have rewritten the Dench City android app with more features: 

  • Brand new UI with Dark Theme
  • Video and Streaming Support
  • User Register, Login and Comments
  • Search Feature
  • Favourite and Share
  • More News Sources Available

I started writing the back end and then this soon turned into a web app then an android app and thought why not put it out there for people to use.

It has been recently rewritten from the front to back end. 

Originally it was a .Net Core API that ran CRON jobs with hangfire and an ASP Core MVC front end. 

I originally wrote the first version in Ionic 5 as I have some experience with Angular from a previous job but wasn’t happy with a lot of things, so watched a couple of YouTube videos and wrote it in native Android (I am a C# developer by trade, and used a bit of java at uni). 

I chose to get rid of the .Net Core Web API and use golang to perform the necessary actions to get all the news and Youtube channel feeds etc. I love the concurrency features and it ended up being a lot faster than the C# routine I had, there is also a node microservice involved in the scraping but I digress… 

Hope you all enjoy the app and like your favourite news all in one place. 


Dench City 

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