Web Stories – Healthy Foods that Enhance Memory Function


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Brain development begins in the mother’s womb and remains crucial throughout your life. It is vital because it controls every other function of your body. The foods we eat play a critical role in overall body development. The same goes for brain development as well. Certain foods positively affect your baby’s memory and learning capacity, and others can hinder it. Since your baby needs all essential nutrients for brain development, an expecting mother’s food determines foetal brain growth. So, consuming brain healthy food during pregnancy can improve baby brain development.

Brain development results in coordinated physical movements, mental abilities, behavioural responses and emotional development in babies. The development transcends through several phases- from prenatal, newborn, infant, adolescence to adulthood. In addition, the brain regulates communication, cognitive skills, concentration, memory, etc. Cognitive skills include learning, grasping power and thinking skills. There is a direct relationship between brain function and dietary habits.

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