Wayne Brady Car Accident Reportedly Leads to Physical Confrontation


Whose Line Is It Anyway? co-host Wayne Brady was involved in a car crash in Southern California on Sunday night. TMZ reported that the incident escalated from an accident to a physical altercation between Brady and the other driver.

Brady was traveling down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Malibu when the collision occurred. According to reports, an unidentified 51-year-old male driver slammed into Brady’s car. When the comedian and the other man pulled over to exchange information, the two got into a heated exchange which quickly turned violent.

Though the details of the fight are unclear, the 51-year-old fled the scene in his car while Brady phoned authorities. Local sheriff’s deputies later pulled the man over further down the PCH. He was inevitably arrested for battery, DUI, and pulling a hit-and-run.

Meanwhile, the fire department responded to Brady. However, he was found to be uninjured and was released at the scene. “Sources close to” Brady told TMZ that “he’s banged up and sore the day after the incident, and will be taking it easy for the time being.”

The incident perhaps unfortunately echoes a famous sketch Brady appeared in on Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Central sketch series Chappelle’s Show. The segment finds Brady sending up his famous “nice guy” reputation, committing unrepentant acts of violence during a wild evening with Chappelle, all from behind the wheel of his SUV. However, in the sketch, Brady is the aggressor, whereas reports of Sunday’s real-life incident unequivocally paint him as the victim.

Brady has yet to personally respond to the incident.

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