Watch Martial Artist Fight Jacked Kangaroo to Save His Dog


A martial arts coach in Australia caught on camera the wild moment he rescued his dog from a muscular kangaroo, as the beast tried to drown his canine in a river.

The harrowing footage shows the unidentified coach, who works for Mildura Martial Arts in New South Wales (NSW), approaching a remarkably jacked kangaroo as it holds the coach’s beloved dog, its snout just above the water.

“I’m gonna punch your fuckin’ head in,” the martial artist warns the kangaroo. “Let go of my dog!”

The videographer then lunges for the kangaroo, at which point the beast swipes at the man with his curved talons. The camera then goes under the water. When it comes back above the surface, the dog has escaped, and the kangaroo stands on its own in the middle of the water on its hind legs, looking a bit like a half-man half-kangaroo hybrid ready for a brawl.

The frame swivels to show the dog has safely made it to the other side of the river, far away from the ‘roo, as a second identical dog looks on in relief.

Just before the man flees back to land with his pups, he gives the kangaroo an extra splash of water for good measure.

The video has sent social media users into a frenzy, with many saying they never before considered a kangaroo might try to drown them.

“Kangaroo drowning fear unlocked,” one commenter said.

“Kangaroos are known for holding people/animals down in the water. They’re strong af!” wrote another user.

“Maybe the most terrifying wildlife video I’ve seen,” opined another.

Much like a recent wildlife clip showing a shark sneaking up on a crocodile as it ate a turtle, viewers say this new video is one of the most Australian things they’ve ever seen.

Though less than five people report kangaroo-related injuries each year in NSW, the animals still pose a significant threat to humans and animals alike. They are known to “vigorously defend themselves against dogs,” according to the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. If you feel threatened by a boomer you should never approach it directly or throw your arms out at it. It’s also not advisable to stand up tall or stare at them if they’re in a violent state.

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