Watch How the iPhone 15 Pro Fares in a Drop Test vs. Galaxy S23


The new iPhone 15 models, which were finally released last month, boast new features such as massive performance upgrades, an advanced 48 megapixel camera system, and a new grade 5 titanium design for the Pro models. The titanium design, paired with a new Ceramic Shield front—which Apple says is “tougher than any smartphone glass”—in theory should have made the iPhone Pro Max virtually indestructible to drops.

However, when going head-to-head in a drop test against Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, the iPhone unexpectedly didn’t hold up quite as well as the competition.

The YouTube channel PhoneBuff conducted a scientific test using a robotic arm to drop both models onto a concrete slab from about waist height. And over the course of four rounds, the Galaxy, which comes equipped with an aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protection on both the front and the rear, just edged out the iPhone.

In the first test, the phones were dropped with their backs facing down, and while the Galaxy suffered some cracks to the corner, the iPhone’s glass completely splintered and spiderwebbed. The iPhone fared slightly better in the second round, in which the phones were dropped on their corners, perhaps due to the fact that the iPhone has rounded corners whereas the Galaxy has sharp edges. However, the iPhone sparked upon contact, and the rear glass actually began to fall apart.

By the third round, which was the face drop, the iPhone was definitely looking worse for wear as shards of glass could be seen flying everywhere in the video footage. Though, both phones suffered near equally, with the iPhone taking on slightly more damage.

In a final bonus round, the phone were dropped onto a steel plate to test their shock resistance. Once again, the iPhone’s glass continued to fall apart, while the Galaxy looked mostly the same. Though, for what it’s worth, both phones remained fully operational through all four rounds. All in all, the Galaxy just edged out the iPhone, with a final score of 39 points verses the iPhone’s 37.

But before the test even began, the host of the video foresaw a potential issue with the iPhone that may explain the underwhelming drop test performance.

“The edges of this new phone are a little bit rounded, whereas before they were completely flat, so I kind of feel like it doesn’t sit as flush with the frame as it did before,” he noted. “And these bezels on the front are thinner than ever, which could actually be a negative factor for it in terms of a drop test.”

If nothing else, the results of the drop test stress the importance of a good case and screen protector for your new investment; as difficult as it can be wrapping up your new phone soon after taking it out of the box.

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