Viral Eagles Fan Nails Game Prediction 12 Hours Before Kickoff


Philadelphia Eagles fans were out in full force for the first home game of the season at Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly. Ahead of the showdown against the Minnesota Vikings, one tailgating fan in particular went viral for his thick Philly accent, and then in a perfect one-two punch also managed to predict not just the winning spread, but the MVP of the game.

“D’Andre Swift is gonna really stand up for the birds and six-point win, my prediction,” said the unnamed fan, while speaking with reporters at 4:30 a.m.—yes, you read that correctly—the morning of the game.

“THIS GUY KNEW AT 4:30 A.M. HE’S A GENIUS,” posted Jeff McDevitt, Eagles fan and social media video producer, in all-caps on the platform formerly known as Twitter following the game. He added that the fan both knew it would be Swift’s night, and that he also predicted the six-point win exactly.


1. he knew it was swift’s night
2. predicted a 6-point win exactly

— Jeff McDevitt (@JeffMcDev) September 15, 2023

Indeed, the Eagles did end up beating the Vikings 34–28 on Thursday night. Swift, making his homecoming debut in his native Philadelphia, likewise helped carry the game for the birds, carrying 28 times for 175 yards. He also gave the team the 34-point advantage, scoring a 2-yard touchdown with just 4:13 left in the fourth quarter, after breaking through the line for a 43-yard gain to put the Eagles four yards away from the end zone.

Earlier in the day, however, the Nostra-jawnus went viral for a wholly different reason, after demonstrating what may have been the finest ever-recorded example of a Delco-Philly accent, like the second coming of the I-95 highway collapse guy.

“This guy just created a new hoagiemouth way of saying TONIGHT,” McDevitt had also tweeted earlier in the day. “‘We gotta lotta injuries unnite.’ Not a ‘t’ sound in sight.”

this guy just created a new hoagiemouth way of saying TONIGHT

“we gotta lotta injuries unnite”

not a t sound in sight

— Jeff McDevitt (@JeffMcDev) September 14, 2023

Who needs t’s when you’re racking up w’s, amirite? Give this man the key to the city and protect him at all costs.

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