Video: Rare White Orca Shocks California Whale Watchers


Orcas are often best known for their signature black-and-white colors, making them one of the most instantly recognizable creatures in the sea. So needless to say when some lucky California whale watchers spotted an all-white orca in the ocean, it was a sight to behold. 

Monterey Bay Whale Watch posted photos and videos of the “super rare” find. The snowflake-white orca is fittingly named Frosty, though its sex remains undetermined. “We had Frosty the super rare white killer whale!!” the caption of one post read. Frosty was hunting in a pod with their mother and a group of other orcas. 

Another Facebook post detailed just what might be the cause Frosty’s unique color. “Frosty is possibly leucistic, or may have a syndrome known as Chediak-Higashi syndrome,” the post read. Frosty and their mom, along with the other whales they were swimming with, have made their way into Monterey Bay before; the last time they were there, they were all together, seemingly suggesting they spend a lot of their time together as a unit. “What an incredible and rare encounter!” the post read. 

The Whale Watch noted in another post that they aren’t able to yet determine what exactly is causing Frosty’s unique color. “It could either be the result of leucism, or Frosty could have a rare condition known as Chediak-Higashi syndrome which affects the immune and nervous system resulting in partial albinism,” the post explained. “This syndrome has been documented in killer whales before, but we are unable to tell with 100 percent certainty which case applies to Frosty.”

Who needs Flipper when you have Frosty?

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