Video: Man Grabs Massive Python to Save Pet Cats


Pet owners will do anything for their pets, and often when they’re in danger, instinct and adrenaline can take over when trying to save them. 

One man in Bangkok learned what this was like firsthand when a python began attacking his pet cats in the middle of the night. Home footage shared by TMZ shows a python slithering into a crate where his cats slept after 3 o’clock in the morning. All of a sudden, the cats begin crying and frantically trying to escape the crate as the python seemingly attacked them. 

The man must have heard what was happening because he came in to investigate not long after. When he saw a python was terrorizing his furry friends, he quickly sprang into action. He pulls the snake out of the crate and struggles to keep it away from the cats. At one point, a woman comes out of the house with two dogs and watches as he tries to conduct the rescue. The man grabbed the snake’s head and mouth with his bare hands and continued to pull it out of the cage before finally throwing it in a nearby bush. 

Pythons in Asia aren’t exactly the kinds of creatures you want to cross paths with. This past summer, video began circulating of a python in someone’s backyard fighting with a full-grown crocodile. Thailand itself is home to three species of pythons: Burmese, blood, and reticulated, the longest species of snake in the world. 

Some people do keep pythons as pets, though these giant species don’t exactly make for cuddly friends. 

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