Video: Gym Employee Explains ‘Insane Energy’ of Remote Workers


The spread of remote work during the pandemic has played a pivotal role in how many people approach going out in public these days. One gym employee in Denver seems to have pinpointed just how working from home has affected people’s behavior when coming in for a workout. 

TikTok user Alec Flynn works at the front desk of a rock climbing gym and explained his observations in a widely shared video, noting that hospitality and retail workers can likely vouch for his claims. 

“If you’re working from home all day, you need to have at least one more conversation or interaction before you come to a public place because you’re coming at us with just the most insane energy,” he said. “You either are like complete cat mode or you’re golden retriever energy, and there’s no in between.” 

He went on to reenact how these two types of people act when coming into the gym. The “cat” energy person keeps their distance and struggles to say hello when asked by the employee if they need help with anything. The “golden retriever” person, on the other hand, gets close to the employees’ faces and doesn’t know when to stop talking. “What’s going on, man? Look, I saw a bird on my window today. I think it’s a blue bird. I’m not sure if they’re really indigenous to this area,” he imitated. “Do you know if blue birds live in [this area]?”

@alecflynn ♬ original sound – Big Al’s Toybarn

Of course, both cats and golden retrievers are lovable in their own unique ways. The question is: which one are you?

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