Twitter/X Users Rip Elon Musk’s Huge Proposed Change to the Platform


Users of X, formerly Twitter, are up in arms at the news that Elon Musk plans to charge each and every account holder a monthly subscription. Many are saying it’s the final death knell for the once-great platform, with #RIPTwitter trending on Tuesday afternoon.

On Monday, Musk announced that the platform would be “moving to having a small monthly payment for use of the X system” as a method of combating the “vast armies of bots” which have taken over the platform. Musk would not, or could not, confirm how many of the site’s purported 550 million users, who generate 100 to 200 million posts each day, were bots. In 2022, prior to Musk’s takeover of the company, Twitter reported an “average monetizable daily active usage” of 229 million.

The news has sent shockwaves through the platform, which is already reeling from a bizarre name change and a short-lived limitation on the amount of posts users can see per day. Like any good funeral, users have flooded X with fond memories and sharp recriminations in equal measure. Many seemed content to simply jump to another platform, specifically one run by Musk’s primary rival.

Reminder that @elonmusk doesn’t have the guts to make Twitter subscription-based and that’s why mark zuckerberg would beat him in a fight.

— Anndra ?? (@Anndra27) September 19, 2023

If X/Twitter ends up getting a monthly subscription fee, y’all can catch me on threads. ✌️

— Jessiedays ? (@JessieDayss) September 19, 2023

I just found out that this 9 year old maniac will start charging ALL users subscription fees. If that’s the case, I will be leaving Twitter.
We have to see if this is the real deal or not. I’ve been on Twitter since 2008.
I have Facebook, Instagram & Threads. Meet me there!

— Dan S. White ? (@dswpage) September 19, 2023

Having spare invite codes to that other sky place when the Twitter subscription fee drops.

— Elon Husk (@KrmtDfrog) September 19, 2023

One post asking users if they planned to pay was met with hundreds of “nos” and “nopes” but not a single “yes.”

I will not be paying a monthly subscription fee to a billionaire to stay on Twitter.

Will you?

— Lovable Liberal and his Old English sheepdog (@DougWahl1) September 19, 2023

Most people just couldn’t see why they needed to add a Twitter subscription to their monthly bills.

I barely pay for my Apple storage and music I’m not adding twitter to that ?

— thoughtsbyflo (@adetii_) September 19, 2023

1. I will never call this platform
X. It will always be Twitter
to me.
2. I would never pay a
monthly subscription for a
social media account.

— Oliveloyal ?✌️ (@Oliveloyal3) September 19, 2023

If Elon introduces a subscription fee for all Twitter users we will be forced to look for an alternative platform.

— Sunny Sun (?,?) ? (?,?) (@Su11664340Sun) September 19, 2023

Meanwhile, others are happily waiting out the storm.

Ah I see there’s more sensationalist crap going around today…

Elon Musk isn’t going to be charging everyone to use Twitter/X – just introducing a lower tier, cheaper premium subscription

Even he isn’t at that level of crazy

— Reece Hughes ? (@TheMadMidlander) September 19, 2023

When Twitter double downs and pays you back

— Shad? (@RashadShabazzz) September 19, 2023

While it remains unclear when, or if, the subscription plan will go into place, it’s good to know most users have a backup plan in place.

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