TikToker Breaks Down Absurd Sugar Content of New Dunkin Drink


A brave TikToker examined the ingredients of Dunkin’s iced pumpkin Munchkin drink, and the results aren’t pretty

Bobby Parrish, who goes by @flavcity on TikTok and Instagram, posted a video on Tuesday which showcases Dunkin’s buzzy new drink. For extra impact, Parrish recorded the video from inside a Dunkin location. “Who the fuck thought this was a good idea to put on the menu?” he asks as he takes a seat, before going on to explain that each beverage has 185 grams, or 46 teaspoons, of sugar. That’s equivalent to 14 of the chain’s glazed donuts.

“Plus, there’s no pumpkin in here,” Parrish protests, explaining that any essence of fall is derived from a so-called “pumpkin-flavored swirl syrup” mid-way down the ingredients list. However, he does count 12 combined shout-outs to sugar and high-fructose corn syrup in the mixture. Dunkin’s Munchkin concoction also boasts 930 calories, nearly half the recommended daily intake, and 194 carbohydrates.

Unsurprisingly, viewers across social media were flabbergasted by the info. “How is it legal for companies to have this on their menu,” a fellow TikTok-user asked. “The fact that I could have a half pint of [Ben and Jerry’s] Half Baked instead for 56 grams of sugar is insaneee [sic],” said another. “American coffee is just socially acceptable milkshakes for adults,” wrote someone on X.

Of course, some adopted the wrong lesson. “Donuts aren’t that bad for you is my main takeaway from this,” quipped someone, while another wrote: “Honestly, I’d rather have the donuts.”

The video ends with Parrish reminding his audience that two-thirds of the country are pre-diabetic, or already suffering from type 2. “If America runs on this,” he concludes, “we’re fucked!”


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