These Fine Nonalcoholic Wines Top Our Sip List


So you want wine without the regrets? Whether you’re challenging yourself to give up booze for Dry January or looking to drink less—if at all—year-round, you’ll appreciate these top nonalcoholic wines every bit as much in the moment as the morning after. From monthly subscription clubs to champagne stand-ins, we’ve got something for everyone. All the below wines have 0.5% ABV (about the same as orange juice) or less—and hold a candle to the genuine article.

These Fine Nonalcoholic Wines Top Our Sip List 1. Acid League Wine Proxies

Looking for regular deliveries of stellar nonalcoholic wine? Here’s your match made in 0.5% ABV-or-less paradise. Each month, you’ll get three NA wines in red, white, and rosé varietals, created from blends of juices, teas, spices, bitters, and other ingredients. Just like kombucha, foods containing vanilla extract (or even just overripe bananas) have trace levels alcohol in their composition, but generally fall well below 0.5% alcohol by volume—the threshold to be classified as nonalcoholic according to the FDA. These nuanced, well-balanced beverages have fast risen as go-to nonalcoholic wine alternatives on upscale wine lists around North America, including Sean Brock’s new Nashville restaurant Audrey, as well as The French Laundry, Gramercy Tavern, and others.

[from $60;]

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Bottle of YOURS Non-Alcoholic Wine California Red BlendYOURS Non-Alcoholic Wine California Red Blend Courtesy of YOURS Non-Alcoholic Wine2. YOURS Non-Alcoholic Wine California Red Blend

Launched by a husband-and-wife duo who couldn’t find a worthy NA red that reminded them of their drinking days, YOURS debuted with this full-bodied red blend made from California grapes. Brimming with notes of chocolate, ripe black currant, blackberry, cedar, oak, and vanilla, you won’t find any of that icky sweetness here standard in many NA wines. In fact, if this red blend were served in a dimly lit restaurant, we may very well end the night slurring our words a bit. It’s that convincing.


Get it Three bottles of sparkling wine from the Starla Wines CollectionStarla Wines The Collection Shayna Fontana3. Starla Wines The Collection (Red Blend, Sauvignon Blanc & Sparkling Rosé)

Unlike many brands on the market, Starla uses botanicals (instead of sugar) to add aromas back into its wine. The standout in this three bottle collection is the sauvignon blanc—a crisp palate-awakener with waves of wild honeysuckle, rosemary, pear, and lemon balm that’s finished off with a white peach blossom parfum. This and the French Colombard blend both pair great with lentils, pork, roasted veggies, and it’s-been-a-day.


Get it Bottle of Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc sideways on a wooden table beside glasses of wine and food platesGiesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc Courtesy of Giesen4. Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand is renowned for its sauv blancs. This 0% instant palate-pleaser made with grapes grown and selected from celebrated wine regions Marlborough and Waipara offers hints of lime-redcurrant-lemon and shortbread. You’ll enjoy the crisp and dry brightness of an impeccably constructed wine that uses spinning cone technology to remove the aroma and alcohol before recombining the aroma for the juicy wine’s hallmark nose.


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Two bottles of DRY Soda Co, Botanical Bubbly ReserveDRY Soda Co, Botanical Bubbly Reserve Courtesy Image5. DRY Soda Co, Botanical Bubbly Reserve

For bubbly-worthy celebrations, try this NA beverage that’s perhaps a bit more interesting and sophisticated than de facto sparkling apple cider. Available in Spiced Pear and Lavender 75 flavors, we particularly love the latter of the duo with its lemon, rosemary, oak, and lavender notes.

[$46 for four bottles;]

Get it Bottle of Semblance Zero-Alcohol Sparkling ChardonnaySemblance Zero-Alcohol Sparkling Chardonnay Franz Mahr6. Semblance Zero-Alcohol Sparkling Chardonnay

Chardonnay fans, rejoice. This delectable zero-alcohol sparkling Chardonnay makes the most of oceanfront California terroir in a winemaking process sans booze. Plus, it comes thoughtfully packaged in a gift-worthy bottle that’s meant to offer a hat tip to the roaring ‘20s. Submitted to something called “whole cluster pressing” to create a depth of flavor, the grapes are also fermented in stainless steel tanks. Thanks to the alcohol’s removal via spinning cone technology, you get a brut bubbly profile replete with floral and tropical fruit hints—hangover not included.


Get it Bottle of Surely Non-Alcoholic Cabernet SauvignonSurely Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon Courtesy of Surely7. Surely Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon

Booze-free cab sauv has clearly come a long (long) way with this stellar sipper that uses Sonoma Valley, CA grapes and an innovative technology called spinning cone column which removes the alcohol without compromising taste. You’ll be going through this one fast, so order two bottles.


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Bottle of Barton & Guestier Alcohol Removed Sparkling WineBarton & Guestier Alcohol Removed Sparkling Wine Courtesy Image8. Barton & Guestier Alcohol Removed Sparkling Wine

Bottoms up for this non-alcoholic wine from a French company founded in 1725. Crafted with a process known as reverse osmosis to eliminate the alcohol from the final product, the aroma compounds are filtered out and preserved before the booze itself is removed through distillation. Muscat grapes, how we dig thee. Bonus: This wine is vegan-friendly.


Get it Person pouring two glasses of SomethingElse Kally chardonnay-based fruit beverageSomethingElse Kally Courtesy Image9. SomethingElse Kally

This winning, new nonalcoholic drink is produced with chardonnay grapes and local ingredients sourced in Portola Valley, CA. Boasting a complexity and well-balanced profile reminiscent of a wine and cocktail hybrid, each of the four flavors (Jasmine Spice, Orchard Sage, Vanilla Smoke, and Berry Fennel) is a symposium of organic teas, fruits, herbs, and spices. This vegan-friendly, 0% ABV beverage may become your happy hour go-to. Our favorite of the bunch is Berry Fennel. Deep red in color with cherries, tea, fennel, and strawberries, it offers a light, airy sip with enough body to satisfy chardonnay zealots.


Get it Bottle of Veuve du Vernay ZeroVeuve du Vernay Zero Courtesy Image10. Veuve du Vernay Zero

The top French sparkling wine brand for under $20 in the U.S. released this stellar, alcohol-free, vegan-friendly bubbly last year to much acclaim. It’s produced with 100% Muscat grapes and no added sugars, and we love the light floral aromas and complexity of this 0% alcohol champagne substitute. Zero-proof mimosas anyone?


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