These Car Brands Are the Biggest ‘Money Pits,’ According to Mechanics


Taking your car in for repairs can be a pricey outing, especially if your vehicle is old and things frequently break down. But when it comes to life past 100,000 miles, some cars hold up better than others, and if you’re not driving a reliable brand, you might find yourself throwing endless amounts of cash into a deep hole. 

If your car frequently breaks down, you might even be on a first-name basis at your local body shop. Mechanics see the effects of vehicle wear and tear firsthand, and those at Accurate Automotive in Northglenn, Colorado  hared their thoughts on which car brands in particular are most prone to becoming “money pits” in a recent TikTok video. 

“I like to think that the European vehicles can usually be money pits after like 100,000 [miles],” one mechanic said. He noted that any Dodge Ram vehicles with the 1500 5.7L engine are “money pits.” “Anything with a BMW logo is going to be a money pit,” he added.

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Another mechanic had a simple answer for the biggest money pit: “Jeep.” One commenter echoed that sentiment and shared a common joke about the rugged truck brand, quipping that “Jeep” stands for “just empty every pocket.” Others similarly called out BMW and claimed the acronym stands for “big money wasted” or “bring my wallet.” 

One worker had a more grim outlook. “Every single one. Every single car is going to have a big problem,” he said, pointing out that “The biggest ones are the ones that people buy from their friends.” Other problem brands the employees flagged included Kia and Chrysler.


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The best strategy to avoid your car becoming a money pit is simple: stay on top of your regular maintenance

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