These Boxer Briefs Are Perfect For Handling Battle Ropes and Velvet Ropes

For most men, putting on a pair of underwear for the day simply involves reaching across to the top drawer and pulling out whatever hits our mitts first. We don’t spend a great deal of time analyzing the quality of our undies, and yet we are very clear on what we don’t like. Some brief pet peeves (get it?) include chafing, riding up the leg, lack of temperature control, and the absence of comfort.

Enter Jack Archer’s new Jetsetter Boxer Briefs, designed to keep your goods under control, even on the most demanding of travel, work, training-based days, and nights on the town. With floaty fabrics and a supportive pouch that keeps your prized goods in-check, now is the ideal time to give your old, tired underwear its marching orders.

M&F has you covered with a closer look at what these bad boys have to offer to help make your boys feel that much better.

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Courtesy of Jack Archer

Ultimately Styled for Ultra-Comfort

The Jetsetter Briefs are available in three classy colors (Space Black, Charcoal, Deep Blue) and are available in 2-inch, 5-inch, or 8-inch options. These boxers also feature the ‘Zero-G’ pouch; “Designed to give your balls a floating sensation,” so says the official website at The construction brief on these boxers was to produce a pair of undies that keeps everything in place, while being so light they feel as though they are hardly even on. With ample space and the boys in their rightful place, “Ball Crush” is finally banished once and for all.

Courtesy of Jack Archer

Jetsetter Boxer Briefs is the Best of the Bunch

Boxers that ride the leg or bunch-up in the most awkward positions in the most inopportune moments always ruin what was an otherwise great day, so it’s good to know that the flat-bonded seems on these Jetsetter briefs serve to grip the leg better, without compromising on comfort. The 8-inch version is the best of the bunch here, as the fulcrum-shaped legs wrap around your thighs and remain in place, leaving you free to enjoy your day rather than having to keep adjusting yourself down below. A fabric-covered waistband also eliminates the tight, rubbery feel that you get from inferior undies and doesn’t roll down every time you tie your shoes laces.

Courtesy of Jack Archer

Give the Chop to Chafing with a Pair Jetsetter Boxer Briefs

If bunching isn’t bad enough for us bros, chafing is a whole new ballgame when it comes to sending us into a complete rage. There’s nothing quite like the agony of being out and about, suffering for hours on end with torturous chafing! Thankfully, these briefs give the chop to chafing once and for all. The fabric doesn’t itch — instead it glides against our sensitive areas for a light contact, all complemented by incredibly soft stitching. Rub rage is a thing of the past.

Courtesy of Jack Archer

Eliminate the Camp with Jetsetter Boxer Briefs by Jack Archer

There are few things sadder than trying to complete a busy day with a damp derriere. Sweaty skin serves to exacerbate the aforementioned riding and chafing, and also creates additional problems such as hygiene issues. Thankfully, the “Ultrasmooth MicroModal®” technology in the Jetsetter provides breathable fabric that is also bacteria-resistant. How refreshing! These thin, airy materials allow for better temperature control and faster drying times in those hard-to-reach places.

Courtesy of Jack Archer

Easier Access to Your Goods

The evolution of the humble boxer has been slow at best and the fly area usually presents more problems than it solves, forcing many a caught-short gentleman to simply pull the boxers down rather than lose a few precious seconds fumbling with the fly. Fortunately, the Jetsetter understands that the struggle is real, and they set about turning the tide on our access issues. The horizontal fly on these boxers allows for easier release and there’s no need to pull anything down. You can be in-and-out with a single hand. The multi-tasking mind boggles!

Courtesy of Jack Archer

Your Invisible Friend

Of course, most of us would put up with the access problems, damp crotch, itchy fabric and boiling boxers if it meant that they would go unnoticed underneath our clothing, but with the Jetsetter you can have the best of both worlds. Pesky leg marks that appear around the thigh area are given the heave-ho by flat-bonded leg seems that are 80% thinner than the average set of briefs. There’s no elastic feeling, just a comfortable grip that won’t show itself through your clothes.

If now is the time to banish your old briefs and upgrade your underwear drawer, check out the official Jack Archer website.

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