These Are the 10 Loneliest Cities in the U.S., According to Report


New York is cited by some as a prime example of a city packed with millions of people that still manages to make people feel lonely. But would it surprise you that the Big Apple doesn’t even rank among the loneliest cities in the country?

Chamber of Commerce compiled census data and determined which U.S. cities are the loneliest based on how many people there live alone. Per the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 37 million Americans are living alone today; that’s nearly 30 percent of all households in the country. That number has only gone up in recent years, with 5 million more people living alone over the past decade. The pandemic led to a spike in one-person households, as 2.4 million more people live alone today compared to pre-pandemic levels. In the past year, single-person households have risen by 1.1 million. 

It turns out that the heart of the nation’s government is the loneliest place to be. Washington, D.C. was ranked the top city in the country with the most one-person households. Two cities in Virginia close to D.C. — Alexandria and Richmond — also made the list at number eight and ten, respectively. 

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Ohio is another state with two entries in the top 10. Cleveland ranks as the fifth-loneliest city in the country, and Cincinnati follows behind at number seven. Other cities in the Midwest include St. Louis at number three and Minneapolis at nine. Birmingham and Atlanta, two major cities in the south, make the list at second and fourth place. And as far as the northeast goes, the loneliest city in the region is Pittsburgh. Interestingly, the 10 loneliest cities are all concentrated in the eastern half of the country.

See if your city made the top 10, and if it didn’t, check on your friends who live in these urban centers. 

  1. Washington, D.C.
  2. Birmingham, AL
  3. St. Louis, MO
  4. Atlanta, GA
  5. Cleveland, OH
  6. Pittsburgh, PA
  7. Cincinnati, OH
  8. Alexandria, VA
  9. Minneapolis, MN
  10. Richmond, VA

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