The Las Vegas Sphere Isn’t Letting People Sleep


The Sphere in Las Vegas has become one of the most polarizing buildings in the country, if not the world, since opening to the public earlier this year. The exterior and interior contain engineering achievements and record-breaking components that shouldn’t be scoffed at. But just what is it like to sleep near the glowing globular structure? 

TikToks from tourists staying in hotel rooms nearby show just what it’s like to have the massive ball outside their window greeting them in the morning and sending them off to bed at night.  

One video taken from a room at The Venetian Las Vegas—the home of the Sphere—show it getting into the Halloween spirit as it morphs from a jack-o’-lantern into a multicolored, cloudy sky. While the poster and many commenters were happy with the view, some questioned if it’d be possible to enjoy staying there. “Imagine an upcharge on hotel rooms with a view of the Sphere,” one commenter wondered.


Getting ready for that concert tonight!? #u2 #vegas #thesphere #yolo #thevenetian #thevenetianlasvegas

♬ Magical Mystery – Mark Fabian & Alexander Smith

Another video showing a small part of the Sphere with an emoji-like face on it began circulating on TikTok and caused a similar reaction. “Imagine waking up in complete darkness and all you see is the sphere staring at you,” one viewer chimed in. 


@Sphere #wynnlasvegas #lasvegas #thesphere #vegas

♬ original sound – Caleb

One TikToker shared a compilation of clips of what it looks like when that yellow face greets you in the morning. “Waking up to my little boo thang every morning,” they wrote with a happy face. 


Waking up to my little boo thang everything morning @Sphere ☺️#thesphere #vegas #lasvegas #vegasstrip

♬ Lil Boo Thang – Paul Russell

In this case, blackout curtains have never been more important for a hotel stay. 

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