The Best Razors for Sensitive Skin (for Men)


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The Best Razors for Sensitive Skin (for Men)

Don’t let sensitive skin stop you from getting a cool, close shave. With so many inventions and gadgets—I mean, this is the 21st century, for Pete’s sake—there should be a razor that doesn’t leave your face looking like you got in a bar fight the night before.

Guys with sensitive skin often deal with the post-shave blues, which is a mix of irritation like nicks, cuts, razor burn, and bumps. We recommend building a grooming routine that caters to your skin sensitivities to avoid those unwanted consequences.

That means you can’t just purchase “the best” razor for sensitive skin. You also need the right face wash, pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and aftershave. They’re all beneficial steps in your grooming process that can prevent potential problems.

So if you’ve got sensitive skin, gather ‘round the fire so our wise storytellers can spill the secrets and wisdom you need to get an irritation-free shave. Ready to transform your least favorite grooming activity into the apple of your eye? Here are the best razors for sensitive skin (for men).

1. Supply The Single Edge SE

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Got sensitive skin? No problem! With Supply’s The Single Edge SE safety razor, you can effectively remove hair without causing stress or irritation to the skin. As the best razor for sensitive skin (for men), it’s the top pick for every man—everywhere—who’s dealing with shaving irritation.

If you’re a guy who likes to keep his facial hair neat, but your sensitive skin doesn’t tolerate most razors, then you need this single-edge razor that provides a smooth, close shave. Single Edge SE comes with Nickstop™ Technology that reduces nicks and cuts by 75%. You can safely use the razor on your beard, face, legs, and even where the sun don’t shine. What makes NickStop™ Technology the elite choice for sensitive skin? The safety bar has 16 safety fins that provide a smooth, protective barrier between the blade and your skin which reduces contact and friction.

Folks with sensitive skin should use only single- or double-blade razors for grooming purposes, which makes this single-blade the perfect match for those prone to irritation. Safety razors like this one from Supply make it easier to control the blade and slice off hair safely and effectively.

The Single Edge SE is the best razor for sensitive skin for men. The easy-to-use design and sharp blade make it a killer combo for guys who often deal with the aftermath of nicks, cuts, and razor burn. 

2. Bevel Safety Razor

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Bump and burn-free skin await with the Safety Razor from Bevel. The safety razor is similar to Supply’s, using one blade to trim, slice, and corral hair into doing what you want. But there are a few notable differences.

Bevel’s Safety Razor has double-edge shaving capabilities, meaning you can shave with either side of the single blade. You’ll have to be a bit more cautious with this safety razor as it doesn’t contain the same technologies that prevent irritation.

While the razor’s design specifically helps black men with coarse, curly hair, it provides the same benefits for guys with sensitive skin. The sharp blade smoothly slices through your hair and reduces tug and pull that often ends up in razor bumps or burn.

Men who want to use the blade will have to learn how to hold it safely to get a close, effective shave. Always keep the handle at 30°, use gentle pressure, and let the brass-weighted razor handle do the work.

Bevel Safety Razor was developed to help men safely shave facial hair, and it happens to be one of the best razors for sensitive skin.

3. The Art of Shaving Stainless Steel ⅝ Straight Razor

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Think you can handle a straight razor and run up there with the big boys? In this case, the big boys are professional barbers. If you think you’ve got what it takes—or are willing to learn—a straight razor may be just the ticket for an irritation-free shave.

In the shaving world, straight razors get a lot of heat thrown at them, but that’s because they’re most often used by professionals and men willing to put in the time to get a really, really close shave. As we mentioned earlier, guys with sensitive skin should use razors with a single or double blade, and no more, which makes straight razors the crème de la crème for sensitive skinned-folk.

With a straight razor, you get a few things: a super tight shave, less irritation, and a certificate that says, “You are a certified badass because you can shave with a straight razor.” If any of those appeal to you, you may want to save a pot of cash to buy yourself a top-notch straight razor to get stress-free shaves.

The only downside to straight razors is they’re less safe to use on delicate bits of your body. If you’re a master, a pro, or an absolute dojo master of the blade, then we bow down to you. But most gents can only safely use the blade on facial hair. That said, straight razors are an excellent choice for men with sensitive skin and will help you slice off effortlessly.

4. Gillette SkinGuard Razor for Men

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We know that we said guys with sensitive skin should avoid razors with four or more blades, but you’ll have to throw that advice out the window for this one. (Please do, we encourage it).

Gillette’s SkinGuard Razor uses a protective guard between the blades to prevent and minimize tugging or pulling while you shave. The SkinGuard features sits between the blades, has added lubrication, and prevents stress and irritation to the skin.

We added this five-bladed razor to the list because it’s the best budget-friendly razor for sensitive skin for men. It’s also the perfect stop-gap razor when you leave yours behind at home. If you forget your razor when you’re on vacation, this is the ideal razor, and luckily you can find it in most grocery or drug stores.

We do want to note that many men—while they experienced a good shave—didn’t get the closest shave of their life. Because the SkinGuard technology juts out in front of the blades, it also prevents them from getting uber-close to the skin and slicing off hair.

5. Bulldog Sensitive Recycled Glass Razor

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Reduce your use of plastic with a razor made from recycled glass—and yes, it’s excellent for sensitive skin. The handle is made from 70% recycled beer bottles, and the razor head has all the bells and whistles you want for a close, safe shave.

Bulldog’s razor comes with “Sensitive Steel Blades” that neatly slice through hair. You can remove hair anywhere on the body with five tempered steel blades. On the razor head is a lubricating strip packed with baobab oil, making shaving sensitive skin more pleasant.

With the razor, you can use Sensitive or Original Steel Blades. For guys with sensitive skin, we recommend using the blades for sensitive skin as they’re less likely to cause nicks, cuts, or razor bumps.

Some men who use the blades note that this doesn’t offer as effective of an irritation-free shave as some of the other options for guys with sensitive skin. But it’s the perfect option for lads who want an eco-friendly product for sensitive skin.

6. Braun Electric Shaver Series 9

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Did none of the regular razors tickle your fancy? Are you more of an electric razor kind of guy? Then you need an electric razor that’s leading innovations for your next shave.

Our favorite thing about the razor is that you can use it in the shower. Yes, you read that right. When you’re dripping wet in the shower, you can use this electric razor without worrying about damaging the device or electrocuting yourself—zap.

This razor is ideal for sensitive skin because it comes with a skin guard and 2x OptiFoil™ that promise to “protect your skin in every stroke. With an advanced razor like this, you can get a close shave every time. Braun’s Electric Shaver Series 9 is the best electric razor for men with sensitive skin.

Everything You Need to Know About Razors for Sensitive Skin

Treat your sensitive skin to a one-of-a-kind soothing experience by arming yourself with the perfect razor for your skin type. Here’s what you need to know before buying.

How to Choose a Razor for Sensitive Skin

Your razor should be an ideal match for your skin type. That means you want a razor and blade that won’t tug, pull, nick, or cut your skin. You should be able to use the razor in different areas of your body without causing irritation.

Here are key features that will prevent your razor from slicing up your skin and causing unwanted irritation.

Number of Blades (and Blade Spacing)

Guys, if you’ve got sensitive skin, please avoid razors with multiple blades—think four and up. More blades mean more friction, which equals seriously irritated skin. People with sensitive skin should stick to one or two blades because it reduces the risk of friction and potential irritation.

In our recs, we try to keep the blade number at three and under, but occasionally, there’s a good razor option for sensitive skin with more than three blades—but not very often. It’s also good to note that there’s little to no visible improvement between a three-blade razor and a five-blade razor. The five-blade razor won’t give you a much better shave, but it will give you heaps more irritation.

The best razor for guys with sensitive skin is a single-blade razor.

Blade Material and Coating

The blade material and coating determine how easily the razor slices through hair. Superior blade materials for sensitive skin include stainless steel and carbon steel. Blade edge coatings with materials like tungsten, chromium, platinum, and other “non-stick” coatings (like Teflon) also reduce tug, pull, and irritation.

Lubricating Strips

If you’ve been wandering up and down the razor aisle a time or two, you’ve probably noticed that a number of razors have a “lubricating strip.” But what are they? Lubricating strips are a pad of moisture (we could even call it a moisture strip) that lubricates the skin with each shaving stroke.

Lubricating strips are an added measure that helps reduce friction and keep the skin calm. Alongside a soothing shaving cream, lubricating strips are another way to protect the skin from irritation.

The strips shouldn’t be a major determinant of your purchase, but rather, seen as an added bonus that keeps the skin moisturized.

Top Tips and Tricks for Shaving Sensitive Skin

Get a sweet, sweet shave free from stressors using our tips and tricks for sensitive skin.

Go With the Grain

There’s no need to welcome more stress and irritation to the skin. That’s why we recommend shaving with the grain. This means shaving in the same direction that the hair is growing. It reduces the risk of irritation like ingrown hairs and razor burn.

Although, it may depend on where you’re shaving. Sensitive skinned-folk may notice that shaving against the grain on their legs is A-okay, but in other, more sensitive areas, it may be a no-go. We recommend shaving with the grain in places like the face and pubic area.

Build a Shaving Routine for Sensitive Skin

Don’t overlook the pre- and post-shave prep that goes into your grooming routine. They’re essential steps in your shaving process that prep and then soothe the skin after sliding a sharp blade alongside it.

Men with sensitive skin should use products like pre-shave oil, face wash, shaving cream, and aftershave formulated for sensitive skin. Grooming products made with all-natural or organic are the best and most nourishing options for those with skin sensitivities. Other products, like those made with cheap filler ingredients, often cause further irritation and stress out the skin.

How to Shave Sensitive Skin (For Men)

When you’re ready to shave sensitive skin, take your time. Rushing the process often results in varying types of irritation.

Before you begin your grooming process, consider if you need to replace a dull or dulling blade. It’s important to shave sensitive skin with a sharp blade as this is less likely to cause irritation.

Step 1: Get a hot towel or take a warm shower to soften your hair follicles. The heat warms up the skin and makes it easier to shave, preventing stress and irritation.

Step 2: Grab your favorite (all-natural) pre-shave oil to hydrate and moisturize every inch of your skin and hair follicles. Really go to town and make sure the whole shaving area is uber-lubricated.

Step 3: Snatch up a shaving cream or gel (formulated for sensitive skin) and lather it up into a rich foam. Gently spread it over the desired area and ensure it covers all of the hair.

Step 4: Glide a sharp razor over the area using lightweight pressure. Be sure to shave with the grain. Rinse or tap off shaving cream from the razor into the sink as you work the razor across the area.

Step 5: When all hair is removed, rinse the area with cold water to close your pores and hair follicles. Follow it up with an aftershave (if you’re shaving the face) or other after-shaving lotion or cream.

Frequently Asked Questions How often should I shave sensitive skin?

Guys with sensitive skin should try to cut back on shaving. It’s easier to avoid irritation when you shave less often. If you like to keep a well-groomed beard or shave it all off regularly, try to shave every other day or once a week if you can manage it.

Give your skin space and time between shaves to heal and recover from any previous irritation. With the right shaving routine, you may be able to avoid irritation altogether and become a daily shaver—if that floats your boat.

How often should I change razor blades for sensitive skin?

The more, the merrier. As in, the more regularly you switch out the blade, the merrier your skin will be. Dull blades are a harbinger of irritation and an almost guaranteed way to cause razor bumps or burn. Every blade is different—so check the packaging or description from the manufacturer—but most blades last between three to eight shaves. While shopping, you should see an explanation of how long the blade(s) last. When the blade gets dull, dispose of it carefully and replace it.

Guys with coarse, thick, or curly hair often have to replace blades more frequently than those with fine to medium hair types. Thicker hair is harder to slice through and dulls blades more quickly. If you have coarse, thick hair, be aware that you’ll likely need to replace your blade more quickly than the manufacturer recommends.

How can I tell if my razor blade is dull?

You’ll know your razor blade is dull if it isn’t gliding over your skin easily, pulls or tugs as you shave, or feels rough. Worn blades also cause more signs of irritation and don’t offer as close of a shave as sharp blades. On some blades, you might also see white spots on the edge that indicate it’s past its prime.

What’s the best razor for sensitive skin (for men)?

Supply’s Single Edge SE is the best razor for sensitive skin for men. It will give you the best experience and provide you with an irritation-free shave. You can become a safety razor expert with this grooming tool that makes shaving simple and fun. We recommend Supply’s safety razor to everyone, from beginners to experts. It reduces irritation like nicks, cuts, razor bumps, and burn and offers the closest shave for sensitive skin. 

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