The Best Outdoors-Focused Hotels and Hostels for Adventurous Travelers


As soon as we hopped on our bikes for a ride at the base of Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor last June, storm clouds moved overhead and rain began to fall between the trees. The area’s coveted loam turned to mush. Had we been staying in our camper van without a heater or shower, I would’ve been less enthused about getting drenched and caked in mud. But my husband and I were in luck. For this trip, we looked for outdoor-focused hotels and booked a stay at the Campfire Hotel, an outdoorsy motor lodge in Bend, OR. That meant we could warm up and clean up after our ride. We zipped through the trail’s berms, turns, and bumps as silt and mud splashed all over us, knowing that a hot shower awaited when we returned.

We were in good company back at the Campfire. Other guests had also been caught in the storm, and they wore mud stains and grins as big as ours. That’s exactly what I love about outdoor-focused hotels, resorts, and hostels. They attract people just as keen on outdoor adventure as you, and since these hotels often feature communal gathering places, you have plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded people around the campfire or while soaking in the hot tub. You might even make some new friends for the next day’s ride. When you book a stay at one of these unique properties, you become part of a bigger community.



For this guide, I drew on my experience staying in outdoors-focused hotels and talked with fellow travelers to learn about spots they recommend. Below, I’ve compiled a list of seven of the best hotels, motels, and hostels that cater to outdoorsy travelers and help them enjoy the wilderness, too.

The Best Outdoors-Focused Hotels and Hostels for Adventurous Travelers

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