Steph Curry Imposter Wows Fans Despite One Hilarious Difference


A Steph Curry look-alike has taken the internet by storm, mostly because people can’t believe any Curry fan would fall for the ruse.

The video, recorded in a Philippines airport, shows a very tiny version of the Warriors sharpshooter emerging from a duty-free shop and being swarmed by onlookers. “Bootleg Steph” then imitated a series of “his” signature moves for the crowd, before disappearing down the concourse.

Bootleg Steph ? (via steppingcurry30/TT)

— Overtime (@overtime) September 13, 2023

Social media users are having a field day with the clip, marveling at one key difference between the two. “Hold on, he’s like 4 feet. That’s Steve Carey Jr.,” someone wrote alongside a crying-laughing emoji. “We all know basketball players walk around in replica jerseys,” added another. There was one user, though, who got straight to the heart of the matter, and had evidence to prove it. “Bro was literally shorter than the hand sanitizer thing,” @frosty_666 noted, along with a screenshot as proof.

The real Steph Curry stands 6’2″, clearly much taller than his Filipino counterpart.

bro was literally shorter than the hand sanitizer thing no way they really thought that ?

— ??❄️??? (@FR0STY_666) September 13, 2023

While this might be many viewers’ first time seeing “Bootleg” Steph, it’s hardly his first appearance. Some digging reveals that the video’s faux Steph Curry is a Filipino comedian named Ng Pinas who’s made a career of impersonating the NBA legend. Pinas goes by @SteppingCurry30 on TikTok, where videos of his exploits receive far fewer eyeballs than the nearly 8 million views a repost of his airport stunt attracted on X. 

Another video on TikTok shows a different, more chaotic moment at the airport where Pinas is chased down a corridor by fans shouting, “Curry! Curry! Curry!” as the comedian pulls some moves.


#stephencurry stephen curry ng pinas

♬ original sound – Stephin Carry ng pinas – SteppingCurry

Here’s to many more hilarious moments from the diminutive imposter.

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