‘Sopranos’ Star Blasts ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ Likens It to Fast Food


The Sopranos went off the air nearly two decades ago, but the iconic HBO series maintains its place in pop culture and people’s hearts. Because of the show’s massive success, it takes a lot to impress one of its stars. 

Robert Iler, who played Tony Soprano’s son A.J. on the show, aired out his thoughts on one of the biggest movies to hit theaters in the past year: Top Gun: Maverick. The actor shared his honest thoughts on the Not Today, Pal podcast, likening it to processed fast food with no real substance. 

“I think Top Gun ruined the whole movie industry. I think it ruined everything!” he said. “It’ll save [the movie industry] for four or five years because people are like, ‘Oh this is it!’ It’s like eating fucking McDonald’s or eating fucking trash food. And then, all of a sudden, people are gonna turn around in four years and go, ‘Why do I feel bad?’ Because you’re watching garbage fucking movies!”

He went on to explain why he felt so strongly about the film. His biggest problem with it was that it received so many accolades when he thought it was just a “fine” movie. As a result, he believes it received so much praise last year but will be forgotten sooner rather than later. 

“This is my point: five years from now people are gonna go ‘Oh my God, we said this should be fucking best movie ever because we were fucking coming out of COVID in a fog,” he said. “It’s fine [if the movie makes you happy], but then to say, Oscar, best movie, putting it in a category like [The] Godfather? A shame!” 

“It ruined the entire movie industry. That’s it. I don’t want to watch movies anymore. Top Gun made me hate movies,” he concluded. “Garbage. Absolute fucking garbage.”

It looks like Iler might still have some Soprano blood in him. 

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