Sleeping on Delta Flights Just Got a Lot Easier and Comfier


Ultra-long-haul flights are not for the faint of heart. It may be more convenient to get to your far-flung destination on one extremely long flight rather than two or more shorter flights, but comfort on these voyages is key. 

Delta is making life a little easier for some customers on these grueling trips. The Atlanta-based airline just announced it will offer a mattress pad and lumbar support pillow for Delta One business class flyers on ultra-long-haul flights. It’s two items in one; the product looks like a pillow but can be folded open into a mattress pad. 

The new combination pillow-pad is the latest addition to the handouts Delta One customers receive, including amenity kits, duvets and pillows, slippers, and noise-canceling headsets.  

Only Delta One customers leaving out of Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis-St. Paul will be able to enjoy the new part of the flying experience. If you’re flying out of Atlanta, you’ll get the new pillow-pad on journeys to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Seoul, Tokyo, and Tel Aviv. From Detroit, the same goes for trips to Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo. LA flights to Auckland, Sydney, and Shanghai will get the new pillows, as will flights from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Tokyo and Seoul. 

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The change comes just days after United unveiled its own business class revamp of its highly sought-after Polaris experience. When flying the friendly skies on Polaris, travelers will get to sleep on new bedding provided by Saks Fifth Avenue and indulge in health and wellness products from Therabody

If you value getting some Z’s before arriving at your destination, it may be worth it to upgrade on your next long flight. 

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