Shannon Sharpe Reveals Shocking Relationship Requirements


Shannon Sharpe is opening up about what gives him the ick when dating a woman. In a recent episode of his show Nightcap with fellow former NFL star Chad Ochocinco, Sharpe explained what he will and won’t do with a partner, and some of his stipulations caught his co-host off-guard.  

“Going to the bathroom in front of a woman, I don’t do that,” Sharpe stated plainly. Ochocinco retorted by quoting his grandmother, saying that a woman is “the one” if she can use the bathroom and leave the door open. This sent Sharpe into a tizzy. 

“She can’t do that. That ain’t gonna work for me. That ain’t the one,” he said. Ochocinco went on to say he knew he found the love of his life when she felt comfortable enough to pass gas in the same room as him. “When she farted in front of me, oh yeah, that’s how I knew,” he said. 

Sharpe, needless to say, was taken aback, and revealed he even ended a relationship once for such an act. “Ocho, I broke up with a girl for doing that!” Sharpe said. “I swear before God and two white men I did.” 

Sharpe went on to explain his rationale for why women should hold it in in front of him rather than let it out. “We’re in the bedroom. The bathroom is right there, five steps [away],” he said. When Ocho asked if that meant Sharpe’s partner had to get up and go to the bathroom to let out a fart, he answered in the affirmative, calling anything less “disrespectful.” 

Dawg Ochocinco wanted to cry because he couldn’t believe what he was hearing from unc Shannon sharpe ???

Unc told ocho that if he had a girl she couldn’t use the restroom with the door open

Unc also said he broke up with a girl bc she passed gas in front of him

— Shannonnn sharpes Burner (PARODY Account) (@shannonsharpeee) October 13, 2023

In fact, Sharpe takes his bathroom policies so seriously that he doesn’t want either him or his partner using the toilet when they’re close to each other. “If we’re both home, nobody goes to the bathroom in the master bathroom,” he detailed. His policy isn’t just for his partner; he himself goes so far as to leave the house if he needed to use the bathroom around his woman. 

“For the longest time, I would literally drive back to Fox or I would go to the guest house,” he admitted, adding he “would send her to the store” to get something if he needed the bathroom to himself. Ocho respectfully told his friend he needed to get into therapy and that he was running a prison in his home. 

Everyone has their own rules for relationships, and it seems that Sharpe is just very particular about what to do when nature calls. 

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