Shannon Sharpe Adds to Blooper Reel, Flubs Another Co-Host’s Name


Shannon Sharpe can’t seem to remember anybody’s name these days.

After mangling Stephen A. Smith’s name so many times it led Stephen A. to issue a statement on the matter, Sharpe has now moved his talent for misidentification over to Nightcap with Unc and Ocho, the nightly sports talk show he hosts alongside Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. On their most recent episode, Sharpe twice confused Ocho for Terrell Owens, sparking some dissent.

“Do I need to put on a nametag?” Johnson cracked the first time, referring to a trick Stephen A. tried. “You just called me T.O.” Sharpe laughed it off, telling Ocho: “You got me up here sweating.”

A few minutes later, Sharpe made the same error all over again. Ocho paused, looking as though he thinks it might be a joke. “You called me T again…but it’s Ocho,” he said as Sharpe vehemently protested. “I know you ain’t trying to say we look alike, cuz I’m handsome,” Ocho cracked.

“You trying to say T.O.’s not handsome?” Sharpe fired back. “T.O.’s facially challenged, man” his co-host retorted. Sharpe then tried to justify the gaff by noting that Owens is constantly popping up in his social media timelines. Ocho, however, was having none of his excuses.

The slip-ups certainly weren’t lost on viewers, who as usual were quick to pile on Sharpe. “UNC what’s going on with you and the names?” an X user wrote alongside a laughing emoji. “Lol Unc blooper reel lately has been on fire,” said another. Echoing the common consensus was user Fredo: “Everyone gotta start wearing Name Tags around Shannon now.”

Sharpe’s appearances with Stephen A. on First Take later this week will indicate whether or not he’s any closer to learning his friend’s names.

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