See Massive Python Found Hiding in Couple’s Car Engine


If you’re having car problems, your natural reaction would be to check under the hood of your car to find any issues. But what would you do if you found a massive reptile inside?

Locals in Green Bay, WI had to confront that reality head-on when a huge snake slithered into a car engine in a residential neighborhood. “It’s kind of scary,” Ellen Chaudoir told WGBA. “I never thought anybody would be able to find a python underneath the hood of their car.”

“For one thing, I don’t like snakes,” she added. “Another thing, it just seems so unreal.”

Lori Bankson, the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary Curator of Animals, admitted it wasn’t exactly an everyday occurrence. 

“It’s not a common thing that we see,” she said. The python, which was probably kept as an exotic pet, was first seen in a garage before eventually being found under the hood of the car. 

“Most likely, the snake crawled up into this person’s engine to stay warm, and found a good place to hang out for a little while,” Bankson described. The car owner was told to drive the car over to the wildlife sanctuary to deposit the reptile. Once there, Bankson worked with a colleague and animal control to safely remove the seven-foot jungle carpet python from the engine. 

The snake is now in foster care until it can be moved to a permanent location. “Eventually then, will be given a good home,” Bankson said. “They’ll find a home for it.”

“From what I understand, this is a very popular animal in the exotic pet field and the exotic pet trade,” she explained. Green Bay Municipal Code requires a permit for people to keep exotic animals, though police said there is no known permit for this kind of snake. 

In the end, Bankson is just happy no one was hurt. “It was an exciting afternoon, but we’re glad it went well,” she said.

If you hear something in your engine next time you start your car, just make sure you don’t have any unwanted extra passengers. 

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