Sean Whalen’s New Documentary Challenges the World to Stop Worrying About ‘Society’


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When someone is going through a rough patch in their life, the last thing they want to hear is advice about focusing inward. Even when they know very well, they likely brought some of it upon themselves, looking for someone to blame is more comforting. But, as Sean Whalen discovered, the ultimate solution to all our problems lies within us.

Sean is a public figure known for his content that has been viewed billions of times online. He’s an investor, public speaker, serial entrepreneur, and has founded multiple successful companies. He is also the author of the book “How To Make Sh*t Happen,” a bestseller on Amazon with over 721,000 copies sold. The book is a simple and executable blueprint for anyone who feels lost in the chaos of life. In it, Sean teaches his famous “Core 4” methodology that brought him back from the brink of self-destruction.

As a young child, Sean grew up in a rough single-parent home. Determined to turn his life around, he ventured into the real estate sector and quickly became a millionaire in his 20s. Then the 2008 industry crash happened, and he lost it all. He had to lay off his employees, let go of his assets, and even his own home. As if nature had conspired to screw him over completely, his marriage started unraveling and ended in divorce soon after.

As a man who’d grown up hearing how “strong” a man is supposed to be, processing the magnitude of his loss was difficult for Sean. Every way he looked at his life, he was a loser to the world and even to his children. To him, the answer seemed to be suicide.

However, before he could go through with it, Sean remembered his friend who’d endured a similar situation and survived. He made the difficult decision to contact him and seek his help. Through his friend, Sean joined a men’s improvement program that changed his entire outlook on life.

The program taught him how to be honest about himself and his challenges. He began exploring meditation and affirmation and slowly learned more about himself. With his strengths and weaknesses exposed, it became easier for Sean to maximize the good and get rid of the bad. It didn’t take long for his emotional and physical stress to disappear. His sanity was restored, and his life ultimately changed for good.

Up to that point, Sean says he felt like he’d lived the life of a sheep. He’d had convenient scapegoats to blame for his challenges and struggles. He also knew millions of other people were also struggling like he was, which is why he adopted his mantra ‘Lions Not Sheep’, and founded an apparel company with the same name, and newest up to bat is a behind the scenes 90-minute documentary revealing all and encouraging viewers to control their time, relationships, their body, business, and their lives altogether.

Born from his decision to no longer fear speaking up about his life experiences, in his new documentary Sean aims to deconstruct the narrative of men being ‘tough’. Thousands of men and women focused on bettering themselves have joined the movement. Sean leads them to create bright and positive futures for themselves and those around them.

Through his social media channels, he shares content around mental health, family, relationships, and altruism. He has acquired hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers across various platforms and his content has been viewed more than a billion times. The documentary reveals how this all happened, how you can emulate it, and is currently available to stream on most digital platforms.


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