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Today I’m talking to body language expert, Linda Clemons and we’re going to get into those parts of communication that are non verbal – all those times we need to draw on our intuition to help us decode what people actually mean.

Maybe you’d like to know how to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth. Or maybe you’d like to consciously use your own body language to build more trust in your relationship, or show up more confidently at work so you get noticed for that big promotion. These are just some examples of how we can use body language to give us the edge when it comes to communicating.

Linda Clemons is the CEO of Sisterpreneur® Inc, which educates and empowers female entrepreneurs. She is an award-winning, record-setting sales producer. A body language expert trained and certified in Analytic Interviewing and Statement Analysis™ (a process used to detect deception) Linda is one of the top global sales trainers, assisting her clients in generating over two billion in sales.

Some of her clients include the FBI, major airline and hotel companies, Spanx, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Major League Baseball, and more. She has shared the stage with Oprah Winfrey, President Obama, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, and Steve Wozniak to name a few.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Linda in action, and was even an example in one of her live talks. It’s really amazing to witness how she seems to be reading the minds of everyone in the room with her ability to decipher body language. To quote from her site: “There Are Hundreds of Experts, But Only One Linda Clemons.”

She’s here today to break down some of her tips and tricks, and leave you with some actionable steps you can use right away to crack the body language code. Get ready to take notes, and join me in welcoming her to the show!

From her site:

Linda references this great quote from Grace Lichtenstein on her website: “Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed. Just make your absence felt.”

Linda Clemons is a charismatic speaker and corporate trainer with more than three decades’ experience helping clients boost their sales. As a nonverbal communications expert, she provides sales and leadership teams with an awareness of how body language can improve performance and outcomes.

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

Meet Linda Clemons [1:09]

  • Linda’s background
  • The benefit of developing more confidence in our self-presentation

Why body language is such an important aspect of communication (2:48)

  • Non-verbal communication is our first language
  • How our thoughts translate into our body
  • Intro to limbic system
  • How our feelings translate into our communication
  • The congruency of our words, tone and non-verbal communication

“I cannot hear what you are saying, because who you are being is getting in the way.”

Unpacking the limbic system and how that relates to your intuition (5:37)

  • The amygdala and its purpose
  • The fight or flight response
  • How the amygdala drives communication
  • Friend or foe?
  • The different parts of the brain

Disruptors that impact our ability to listen to our intuition (7:56)

  • Why you may feel conflicted while receiving messages from friends, family and social media
  • Your gut feeling and how it connects to your intuition
  • The frustration we may feel with mixed messages

How can we spot lies and incongruencies? (10:14)

  • The baseline in non-verbal communication
  • Reading non-verbals in clusters
  • Make sure that there is congruency: in their words, tonality and body language
  • What is the context of the communication?
  • What is the cultural tone of the communication?

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Using our powerful empathy to see beyond incongruent body language cues [22:13]

  • We can’t assume we know what people are going through
  • Remembering to wonder about someone’s story
  • Seeing beyond gender, ethnicity, financial background
  • Being present in other people’s presence

The lean in [25:22]

  • What we lean into
  • What we lean away from
  • How our thoughts and reactions translate into our physical responses

Developing and deepening our empathy, intuition and self-expression [27:53]

  • Understanding the signals we ourselves are putting out
  • Expressing ourselves in alignment with our intentions
  • Using your tone to express the intention you have for the communication
  • Body postures that express different feeling states

Opening up your power zones (32:08)

  • What the position of your power zones is communicating
  • The throat, the heart, the belly and the groin
  • How it feels to communicate with someone whose heart is open vs. closed

How our feelings shade our body language (34:21)

  • How our body language expresses our emotions about people from our past relationships
  • While we may be able to say we feel something, our body language may express something else
  • How understanding this in yourself can help you see when others are being untruthful

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How working on your strength, posture and alignment can improve your confidence [39:55]

  • How chronic sitting and computer work can put us into unintentionally closed off posture
  • How developing our physical strength can help us develop mental strength
  • “What we think about, we be about”
  • Self expression choices (like clothes) relate to our mental state

Using power stances to increase your confidence [42:24]

  • Guided power stance
  • Noticing the way you feel when you open yourself up
  • How the brain gets signals from the body positions
  • The discipline of the body is often perceived in business as a discipline of the mind

The self value we feel when we take care of our bodies (45:38)

  • Making the most of the time we have
  • Getting in tune with our intuition and the signals we’re sending out
  • Developing the signals others are sending us

This Week’s Challenge(s) [46:40]

Our words are 7% of our communication. Our tonality is 38% of our communication. Our non-verbal is 55% of our communication. Your words are power, your tone is powerful, but your body language is critical.

Your challenge: practice becoming a tone master, and be aware if your BODY LANGUAGE is congruent with your words and your tone.

Connect with Linda Clemons:

Coming up next: Coming up next I’m talking to Amisha Klawonn, an Embodiment and Sleep Coach, Yoga Therapist, and Integrative Physical Therapist. She applies many aspects of women’s health in her practice, including polyvagal theory and hormone health, and draws from her integrative physical therapy expertise in the areas of visceral mobilization and holistic care for the whole person.

We’ll be getting into many practical tips you can use in your life to invite in more balance, deeper rest and more self love. I’m looking forward to sharing that conversation with you!

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