Robert Pattinson Slept on an Inflatable Boat for Months and ‘Loved It’


Robert Pattinson may be an award-winning actor with major credits to his name, but there was a time in his life when you wouldn’t be able to tell if you saw the inside of his house. In a new interview with Architectural Digest, the Batman star looked back on what his living room used to look like at another time in his life.

Pattinson was asked to reflect on the worst sofa he’s ever owned, and he was frank with his answer.

“My least favorite could also be my most favorite,” Pattinson confessed. “There was a time when the only piece of furniture I had for about six months was an inflatable boat that would double as my couch, bed, and dining table. I loved it very much but it caused a lot of back problems.”

Sleeping on a dinghy isn’t exactly what most would consider comfortable, especially a major Hollywood actor. His living room today reflects how far he’s come, complete with a sofa he sketched himself after filming wrapped on last year’s The Batman.

“I started sketching pieces of furniture I thought would make people interact in a playful and informal way,” he said. Designer Nicole Gordon, who has decorated two of his homes and even worked on his parents’ home in London, helped bring his vision to life, telling AD he “wanted a piece where you could nestle in to read, but was also sturdy and stable enough for a number of people to sit on at a party.” The ear-shaped sofa is entirely unique and was built to withstand hundreds of pounds of weight.

Now, when guests come over, Pattinson has a place for them to sit—and a nice one at that. 

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