Remembering John Meadows

Who was John Meadows?

John Meadows was an American bodybuilder, online personality and entrepreneur with a vast career as both an IFBB bodybuilder, entrepreneur as the CEO of Granite Supplements and the founder of the mountain dog training system and mountain dog diet. John was an innovator in the practical application of high intensity training and also coined his own named exercise, the meadows row. 

John was incredibly well respected within the industry, having amassed multiple career wins as a competitive bodybuilder, a huge global fanbase across YouTube and Instagram and notable active coaching roles with Olympians including 212 champion Shaun Clarida. His crossover content with Jeff Nippard only increased his popularity but above all, John was a family man and friend to many. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

In this article we won’t discuss how he passed, John overcame many health issues during his career, but his persistence and desire to overcome them and be the best he could never waivered. He was an inspiration to many. 

John Meadows Bodybuilding Career

John was a competitive bodybuilder with a huge longevity, culminating in a pro card win in 2015. John competed in the 212 class as an IFBB pro, taking 6 top 10 positions in IFBB pro events. His full competition history can be seen here;

NPC Physique Light Heavyweight, 2nd place

NPC Junior USA Light Heavyweight, 6th place

NPC Jan Tana Amateur Heavyweight & Overall, 1st place
NPC USA Championships Heavyweight, 4th place

NPC USA Championships Heavyweight, 8th place

NPC Collegiate Nationals Heavyweight & Overall, 1st place
NPC USA Championships Heavyweight, 13th place

NPC Eastern USA Championships Heavyweight, 3rd place
NPC Nationals Heavyweight, 10th place

IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships, Men’s Heavyweight, 4th place

USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships, Men’s Heavyweight, 13th place
Los Angeles Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships, Men’s Heavyweight, 4th place

IFBB North American Championships, Men Heavyweight, 16th place

IFBB North American Championships, Men’s Heavyweight, 12th place

North American Championships, IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding: Heavyweight, 9th place

North American Championships, IFBB Bodybuilding: Over 40 – Heavyweight, 2nd place
North American Championships, IFBB Bodybuilding: Heavyweight, 7th place
NPC Teen, Collegiate & Masters National Championships, Bodybuilding: Over 40 – Heavyweight, 2nd place

Masters National Championships, Bodybuilding: Masters Over 40 Super Heavyweight, 2nd place
Masters National Championships, Bodybuilding: Masters Over 35 Super Heavyweight, 3rd place

NPC National Championships, Bodybuilding Heavyweight, 6th place
Masters National Championships, Bodybuilding Masters Over 35 – Super Heavyweight, 2nd place
Team Universe, Bodybuilding Over 40 Super Heavyweight, 4th place

NPC Universe, Bodybuilding Over 40 Overall, 1st place – Earned the Pro Card
Wings of Strength Texas, Bodybuilding IFBB Pro 212, 5th place
Tampa Pro, IFBB Pro 212, 3rd place
Vancouver Pro, Bodybuilding IFBB Pro 212, 5th place

Wings of Strength Chicago Pro, IFBB Pro Men 212, 10th place
Toronto Pro, IFBB Pro Men 212, 10th place
Arnold Classic, IFBB Pro 212, 9th place

Muscle Mayhem Pro, IFBB Open Men, 14th place

What is Mountain Dog Training?

Now, this deserves an article completely of its own, however for this, we’ll briefly summarise. Mountain dog training is John’s brainchild. Mountain Dog Training uses different strategies including proper exercise sequencing, high-intensity training methods and extreme stretching to help you safely build as much muscle mass as possible.

Here’s a great video from John himself explaining the training system;

Essentially the training system is split into 4 main phases, 

  • Phase #1: Pre-Pump Activation Phase
  • Phase #2: Explosive Phase
  • Phase #3: Pump Phase
  • Phase #4: Stretch Phase

He also varies volume for the level of the trainee, with more volume for advanced trainees and a key note that the regimen is not for beginner lifters. 

The phasing focuses on both hypertrophic loading, stretching for myofascial release and pump work in the form of muscle rounds and cluster sets, which give it a huge intensity, unmatched in many other systems. 

We’ll delve deeper into this at another time, as we definitely can’t do it justice in this article. 

John’s Legacy

For those that new John and spoke of him, he was the kindest soul in the industry, always welcoming, caring and passionate. He helped countless people and built friendships spanning the globe. 

John will be remembered for his impact on the industry, and his legacy lives on through those he influenced, his friends and of course his family.

John’s content is still accessible on his channels, and we would strongly recommend you watch his content, you’ll definitely learn a lot.

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