Rack the Strength Gains with These 5 Cool Squat Rack Moves


Tim Sparkes knows a thing or two about valuable gym sessions. The multiple time Open Power Lifting winner, bodybuilding coach, and owner of the Die Hard Gym in Peoria, AZ, takes pride in using his experience to build healthier and stronger individuals. And, when it comes to the humble squat rack or cage, there is a ton of potential for trying new movements.

Here, Sparkes shares five squat rack exercises that can be performed from the safety of this tried-and-tested gym staple. Better still, these creative moves all have the same aim in mind; to allow for the targeting of specific portions of your lift, and to build strength so that each weight can be increased over time.

Get the Most Out of the Power Rack
Workout Tips Get the Most Out of the Power Rack

Try these power rack tips to help improve your bench press, squat and deadlift.

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