Passengers Blast EasyJet After Defecation Incident Cancels Flight


EasyJet passengers took to social media to blast the airline over an already chaotic flight that was ultimately canceled when someone defected on a bathroom floor.

The flight, which was supposed to depart Sunday evening from the Spanish island of Tenerife and arrive at London Gatwick, had already been delayed for several hours after the plane that was supposed to take off was swapped out for a smaller craft. This meant nearly a dozen passengers had to be left behind, and no one took the airline up on a £500 voucher to volunteer to leave the flight.

One passenger described the situation to the Daily Mail as “absolute chaos.” “No one took it. So then they had to remove ten people from the plane, which caused lots of arguing, and that literally took two hours.”

Once the flight was again scheduled to depart, it was at full capacity and overweight, which meant that some baggage had to be removed. The second ordeal likewise took over an hour, as passengers waited on the tarmac. Finally, after all the apparent issues were sorted, word began to get around that someone had defecated on the floor of one of the bathrooms, which was confirmed by an unpleasant smell that followed shortly after.

“It was just a very uncomfortable experience,” another passenger told CNN. “Obviously, the plane was in an unsanitary state. So they had to get external cleaners out from the airport to clean it. So that’s when the stairs reconnected, and the cleaners came on to deep clean the flooring.”

However, as passengers waited patiently once again while a cleaning crew came in to sanitize the area, they were told once again that the flight would be delayed until the following Monday afternoon. And while the airline did attempt to make accommodations, most hotels were booked and passengers were largely left to their own devices to find somewhere to stay overnight.

One passenger captured the EasyJet pilot’s announcement that the flight was being canceled on video, and the mood on board was decidedly sour.

“Real good of EasyJet to delay the flight 3.5 hours with [zero] communication then decide to cancel it altogether because someone took a shit on the toilet floor,” the passenger wrote. “Quite literally couldn’t make this shit up.”

Real good of @easyJet to delay the flight 3.5 hours with 0 communication then decide to cancel it altogether because someone took a shit on the toilet floor? quite literally couldn’t make this shit up? #easyjet

— kitty florence lucia (@kittystreekx) October 16, 2023

Another passenger who was fortunate enough to find a hotel to stay in overnight lashed out at EasyJet for the poor customer service.

“Still in Tenerife the new flight is now 3 p.m. and no help from EasyJet,” they wrote. “We managed to find a cheap overnight seat at Gara Suites Golf & Spa and to rub salt in the wound I have a view of people playing golf. Damn.”

Still in Tenerife the new flight is now 3pm and no help from @easyJet we managed to find a cheap overnight seat at Gara Suites golf & spa and to rub salt in the wound I have a view of people playing golf ⛳️ Damn

— tim wright (@sgtbilkotim) October 16, 2023

One stranded passenger succinctly summed up the situation as EasyJet being “wank per usual.”

Stuck in Tenerife because @easyJet are wank per usual ??

— Cam (@Camlol1x) October 15, 2023

In a statement to The Independent, EasyJet wrote that it could “confirm that flight EZY8054 from Tenerife to London Gatwick on 15 October was initially delayed while some bags were offloaded to be carried on the next available flight for safety reasons, due to the aircraft being overweight.”

“The flight was subsequently delayed overnight due to the aircraft requiring additional cleaning,” the statement continued. “We provided hotel accommodation for all customers however as there was limited nearby hotel availability in the area we also advised any customers who booked their own that they will be reimbursed.”

“The safety and wellbeing of our customers and crew is easyJet’s highest priority and while this was outside of our control we would like to apologize to customers for the inconvenience caused,” the airline added.

Just last month, a Delta flight was forced to turn around two hours into a flight from Atlanta to Barcelona due two a “biohazard” issue when a passenger became ill and suffered a bout of diarrhea all over the aisle. So, as frustrating as the situation clearly was for EasyJet passengers, things could always be worse, albeit just barely.

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