Ozzy Osbourne Explains Why He Used to Pee His Pants During Shows


Ozzy Osbourne admitted on The Osbournes Podcast that he used to pee in his pants onstage because he was “wet anyway.”

He made the revelation to his wife, Sharon, and their children, Jack and Kelly, on the most recent episode of their family podcast. “When I was on stage, I would just go, ‘Aw fuck it,’” Ozzy said, “and just piss. Cuz we’re wet anyway, throwing water around.”

“Thanks for sharing,” Sharon said sarcastically.

Before Ozzy transitioned the discussion, the four had been discussing a pair of Queen Elizabeth’s underwear that was once put up for auction. Ozzy argued that it was likely the garments were soiled.

“They’re in parades, they’re on the horse,” the “Crazy Train” singer reasoned. “You can’t hold the procession up and go, ‘I’m just going for a quick piss.’” That’s when he revealed his on-stage evacuation technique.

Rumors of Osbourne’s self-urination are legendary in the rock world, though this seems to be the first time he’s personally confirmed it. A controversial Salon article (later deleted) alleged that Osbourne had bladder control issues and devised the water-heavy theatrics to disguise his pants-wetting. Though that remains unsubstantiated, Ozzy was arrested in 1982 for public urination at the Alamo Cenotaph, but that occurred outside of his trousers.

Though it may sound strange, apparently it’s not uncommon for rock stars to wet themselves mid-show. Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash once admitted to doing the very same thing, telling fans: “That’s a wonderful side effect of leather pants: when you pee yourself in them, they’re more forgiving than jeans.”

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