New Video Shows Alec Baldwin Warning Crew on ‘Rust’ Set


Last month special prosecutors in New Mexico revived the previously-dropped manslaughter charges against Alec Baldwin over the accidental killing of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the upcoming Western film Rust in October 2021. However, newly released video seems to shed a whole new light on Baldwin’s involvement in the incident.

In one of five videos obtained by NBC News, the 65-year-old actor could actually be seen warning an unidentified crew member while filming a scene. After a woman, possibly Hutchins, is heard warning crew to please move out of the path of the gun, Baldwin says: “Now wait a second, I’m going to shoot right, do you wanna go on the other side of the camera? I don’t want to shoot towards you.”

The video is one of two in which Baldwin attempts to move around crew members after expressing safety concerns, out of a total of about seven minutes of footage. In another video, the actor asks for a blanket to be placed near him as a landing pad for when he tosses the gun aside. One of the videos shows Baldwin warning crew over the steepness of a path and asking to use a safer part of the trail. The footage was recorded just days before Hutchins was killed.

In remains to be seen what impact the videos will have on the case against Baldwin, which was supposed to have been brought before a grand jury on Thursday but was rescheduled by the judge. The new manslaughter charge was filed in light of “new facts” about the case that had apparently surfaced, after a gun analysis report released in August found that the gun had not been modified, as Baldwin previously claimed. If convicted, he faces up to 18 months in prison. 

Prosecutors have yet to publicly comment on what new evidence they obtained during their investigation that led to the new charges. However, quite damningly, NBC News quotes a source familiar with the case who said the special prosecutors have expressed hope that the trial will “humble” Baldwin, in regards to his frequent run-ins with paparazzi and public comments unrelated to the case. The source alleges that the intention is for it to be a “teachable moment” for the actor.

Crew had only been shooting for two weeks before the fatal incident in which a live round was discharged from a prop gun that killed Hutchins. The film’s armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed was also charged with involuntary manslaughter back in January and her trial date is set for Feb. 21, 2024.

The family of Hutchins previously settled a wrongful death lawsuit which named both Baldwin and Gutierrez Reed, as well as assistant director David Halls and prop master Sarah Zachry.

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