Must-Have Winter Fat Biking Gear to Keep You Dry and Warm


Riding your bike during the coldest months of the year—with wind blasting your face as you splash through snow melt and muddy ruts—can be as fun as it gets. If you have the right winter fat biking gear, that is.

When the ground is saturated and roads and trails are jammed with melting snow, fat bikes with oversized tires ranging in width from 3.7 inches to 5.2 inches, grip snow, sand, and slick terrain. Armed with a fat bike, you can take on the harshest conditions without fear of skidding out.

You’re only as good as your gear, though. It’s important to layer properly and have warm fluids at the ready, as well as sport-specific fuel (we like Maurten’s drink mix). They’ll mean the difference of riding in merriment or misery. So to help combat any suffering, here are the best pieces of winter fat biking gear for cold-weather riding. From snow- and sleet-proof footwear to insulated hydration to wind-cutting layering, here’s everything you need.

From snow and sleet-proof footwear to insulated hydration to wind-cutting layering, here are the three best items for cold weather riding.Courtesy Image1. Five Ten Trailcross Gore-Tex Mountain Bike Shoes

It’s the melt-off that gets you—where everything is comically sloppy and you get soaked with water and caked in mud. That’s when Trailcross Gore-Tex Mountain Bike Shoes shine. Breathable and waterproof—and built with a neoprene ankle cuff that sheds debris—these shoes keep your feet warm and dry. Bonus: Sticky rubber soles grip wet rock, and supportive EVA mid-soles provide all-day comfort and stability on the pedals and trails.


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