Mets Fans Credit McDonald’s Grimace, Pride Month for Hot Streak


The New York Mets are currently in the midst of a hot, six-game winning streak, amid a middling season that saw the team holding a tepid 28–37 record. And while sports fans are certainly no stranger to unconventional good luck charms, Grimace, the big purple McDonald’s mascot of indeterminate species, is getting the bulk of the credit for the sudden turnaround.

To celebrate Grimace’s birthday on June 12, the Mets invited the costumed character to throw out the first pitch of the game against the Miami Marlins. Though Grimace’s pitch itself was rather disappointing, missing home plate by a country mile, the Mets went on to win that game, as well as the next five games after that.

Grimace threw out the first pitch tonight at Citi Field ?

— SNY Mets (@SNY_Mets) June 12, 2024

Before Grimace, the Mets had won only eight out of their last 20 games. But since the mascot seemingly gave the team a Midas Touch, their record now stands at a slightly improved 34–37, putting them only 1.5 games out from the final Wild Card spot in the National League.

After winning the second two games of the three-game series against the Marlins, who are in last place in the National League, the Mets went onto sweep the San Diego Padres, marking the first time in 18 years the team has managed to have done so. And then on Monday, the Mets likewise defeated the Texas Rangers. It’s only the second time in the 2024 season that New York has managed to win more than three consecutive games, having experienced another six-game streak back in April.

Whether they can keep the momentum going remains to be seen, with the Mets heading into their second game against the Rangers on Tuesday evening. But in the meantime, fans are celebrating the so-called “Grimace bump” on social media.

The @Mets are now 6-0 since Grimace threw out the first pitch! ?

— FOX Sports: MLB (@MLBONFOX) June 18, 2024

Babe wake up, Grimace highlights just dropped #Mets

— Matthew Neschis (@MNeschis) June 16, 2024

Others posted GIFs and memes to show their appreciation for the big purple king.

“Nobody can fix the Mets”


— Joey (@DJLeMVP) June 16, 2024

We are going to tell our kids about how Grimace saved the Mets season.


— Charlie DiSturco (@charliedisturco) June 16, 2024

“The Mets season is over”

Grimace: #LGM

— Ed Arzooman (@Zoobeard77) June 18, 2024

Even some of the team’s players have shouted out the purple monster’s so-called “Grimace Effect.”

The Grimace Effect ?

— New York Mets (@Mets) June 18, 2024

But then, the phenomenon took on yet another life when it was not lost on fans that Grimace saving the Mets just so happened to coincide with Pride Month. And what better icon to celebrate New York City Pride?

Good morning Gay Grimace Mets Nation let’s get this bread

— Julia (@jquadddddd) June 18, 2024

the gay grimace mets have saved my life.

— a (@CanhaHBP) June 18, 2024

“The ‘Gay Mets’ are the hottest team in baseball,” announced Queerty, which is honestly about the highest praise an MLB team can get.

The “Gay Mets” are the hottest team in baseball.

— Queerty (@Queerty) June 17, 2024

Fans will certainly be waiting on bated breath to see how long the Mets can keep the streak going. In the meantime, it’s not too late to invite Grimace to be a Grand Marshall for the 2024 NYC Pride March later this month on June 30.

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