Men’s Clothing Brands That’ll Help You Build the Perfect Wardrobe in 2022


Looking for the most audacious new men’s fashion trends that are set to take the world by storm this year? We’ll break it to you now—you won’t find those here. We aren’t about to peddle exotic leather jackets with exaggerated shoulders or double down on the bizarre balaclava hype (haven’t we been hiding our faces enough already?). Instead, we’re shining a spotlight on men’s clothing brands that’ll help you fill out your wardrobe with unique, tasteful apparel you’ll actually wear this year (and many years afterward).

Fortunately, there are dozens of boutique men’s clothing brands creating innovative, functional menswear. Many are dropping wicked cool collections you’ll want to cop for the months ahead. Others are pioneering new ways to be sustainable, including using eco-friendly fabrics, opting for a zero-inventory business model, or taking a small-batch, slow fashion approach to minimize waste.

Style-wise, there’s lots of variety—and a strong appreciation for how guys actually dress day-to-day. Some companies are bringing overly bold (and defiantly ridiculous) streetwear trends back down to, well, the street, rather than the runway. Other brands are simply raising the bar for high-quality leisurewear and breezy vacation-appropriate duds—without raising the price points.

It might seem like we’re casting a wide net with our picks, but wouldn’t you rather know about the men’s clothing brands that are doing things right, rather than just replicating fleeting trends? We sure would. These are the companies to shop this year.

The Best Men’s Clothing Brands of 2022

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