McDonald’s Crocs Are Coming, Here’s How to Get Yours


McDonald’s and Crocs are both known for bringing comfort to their customers, albeit in different ways. Now, the two iconic brands are joining forces that brings together the best of both worlds. Starting Nov. 14, McDonald’s and Crocs fans in multiple countries will be able to buy special versions of Crocs shoes modeled after various characters from the McDonald’s extended universe. 

Grimace, the beloved purple monster who got his own birthday celebration with the fast food giant earlier this year, is the inspiration for a purple version of Crocs’ Classic Cozzzy Sandal. 

“Inspired by everyone’s purple bestie, these sandals lined in faux fur will have you feeling like you’re walking a day in Grimace’s shoes,” a press release said of the announcement. “The Grimace Cozzzy Sandal features his lovable expression on the straps, comes with his favorite treat—a shake in the form of a Jibbitz charm—and can be paired with matching socks.”

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McDonalds x Crocs Collection

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As for Crocs’ ubiquitous Classic Clogs, you’ll have three pairs to choose from. If you want to show your love for Mickey D’s, you can pick up the McDonald’s x Crocs Classic Clogs, which naturally comes in red with a yellow stripe. You can bling out your new kicks with Jibbitz charms in the shape of Chicken McNuggets, a Big Mac, or McD’s fries.

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Fans of Birdie the Early Bird, the spokeswoman for the McDonald’s breakfast menu, can pick up some Birdie x Crocs Classic Clogs. The shoes come “in her signature yellow and pink” and include “her favorite menu item—a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin—as a Jibbitz charm.” Buyers can also pick up a pair of special Birdie winged pink socks to wear with them. 

The infamous Hamburglar inspired the creation of black-and-white-striped clogs, which come with hamburger Jibbitz charm. You can complete the robbery-ready look with black-and-white-striped socks. 

A look at the socks and jibbitz releasing alongside the McDonalds Crocs ?

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“We love how passionate our guests are about their McDonald’s orders, and with this Crocs collaboration they can now boldly express themselves through their footwear,” McDonald’s Canada VP and chief marketing officer Alyssa Buetikofer said in a statement. “We are so excited to be partnering with Crocs—a brand that truly leads culture—on our first-ever global shoe collab inspired by our beloved McDonaldland characters while supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).”

Act fast if you want to show up to the Golden Arches next time in style. 

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