Man Dies After Being Hit by Rollercoaster While Looking for Keys


An Ohio family is in mourning after a man whom authorities believe was likely hit by a roller coaster at an amusement park has died. 

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, 38-year-old Arntanaro Nelson died on June 21 after being treated for his injuries following a traumatic incident on June 19. An employee at Kings Island amusement park told WKRC that Nelson approached the greeter at the Banshee roller coaster with two kids and needed some help. 

“They had lost their keys and said that they needed to retrieve them because they needed to leave,” the employee said. “And the person up front told them that they couldn’t do that right now. That they will have to wait until the park closes, and then we can get them to you at lost and found.”

He reportedly ventured into the fenced-off area near the roller coaster that evening to look for a lost item. According to a police report obtained by People, authorities were called to the park “for a traumatic injury.” They believe Nelson was hit by the coaster while trying to find the keys he dropped from the ride. 

The passengers immediately noticed something was wrong. “They said, ‘We hit something, we hit something, we hit something!'” the operator recalled. 

Nelson was transported to the hospital in critical condition and died two days later. His death is listed as a “suspected accident,” per the Enquirer. The Banshee reopened on June 20, the day after his death. An investigation into the incident is ongoing. 

“Things aren’t as important as your life. It can wait,” the employee said. “There’s a reason you’re not supposed to go back to those areas, and it isn’t worth it to try and circumvent the security measures because they’re there for a purpose. It can get really dangerous really fast.”

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