Livvy Dunne Scores History-Making Win for LSU With Floor Routine


Olivia Dunne helped push the LSU Tigers into their highest-recorded score in in program history on Friday with a floor routine that eclipsed her best this season.

After missing two consecutive meets, the 21-year-old Sport Illustrated Swimsuit model was brought in to replace her teammate KJ Johnson in the floor lineup, ultimately earning a score of 9.875, matching her season-high. Her performance added to the team’s combined score of 198.475, edging out the Arkansas Razorbacks at 196.200.

“Unbelievable what she can do!” one fan summed up her performance in the comments of an ESPN video of Dunne’s routine. “That’s is absolutely perfection there,” wrote another fan. “When [you] focus on what you love and put in the hard work on your practice it pays off when competing.”

The win, which was the highest in the nation by any team so far this year, also marked head coach Jay Clark’s 100th career victory Friday as head coach. After the meet, Clark said he was less focused on the score so much as the team’s overall performance.

“Well, we got better. That’s what this week was about. The focus and the main goal was to get a good performance, a complete performance,” Clark stated, according to LSU’s website. “I know everyone wants to talk about the score tonight and that’s great. I do not focus on whether we get a low or high score. It’s about our performance.”

“We did our job tonight and we can do that same performance somewhere else,” he added. “For us it’s about keeping our eye on the next step ahead of us and just taking it one step at a time.”

On Sunday, Dunne commemorated the win with an Instagram post simply captioned: “Our pleasure.”

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The Tigers which are are now 5–2 for the season, will next face off against the Georgia GymDogs on Friday.

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