Lipozene Pros and Cons: Scam or the Real Deal?


Welcome to our Lipozene pros and cons review article! Below we’ll go through the benefits, side effects, pros and cons of this fat burner, but first, let’s discuss what Lipozene actually is, and how it was developed.

The History of Lipozene

While Lipozene has been available to the general public for little more than six or seven years now, it was in research and development at the Obesity Research Institute, LLC for almost that long before release, too.

Lipozene is a dietary supplement marketed specifically as a weight loss solution.

While this particular fat loss product has slick marketing and advertising – not to mention fancy branding that makes it look like a prescription solution for a drug – it is 100% all-natural and available over-the-counter.

lipozene pros and cons

Built on the back of a clinically proven and proprietary formula, Lipozene promises to help people lose fat by elevating their metabolism, mitigating their caloric intake, and moving more solid waste out of the body more efficiently.

Every single individual of Lipozene contains 750 mg of the 100% all-natural glucomannan ingredient, a powder made from a plant sourced all over the world that is made up almost entirely of fiber.

A number of other inactive ingredients round out the proprietary formula of Lipozene, but the overwhelming majority of the heavy lifting – all of the heavy lifting, really – when it comes to results is taking care of by that fiber ingredient.

The Benefits of Lipozene

As we mentioned above, the advertising and marketing for Lipozene promises a multipronged attack on fat wherever it might hide in the human body.

For starters, Lipozene promises to elevate your metabolism just slightly so that you are melting fat around-the-clock.

This turns you into a fat burning furnace, burning fat whether you change your diet or not, whether you work out or not, and helping you to lose weight on an everyday basis.

Secondly, Lipozene promotes a dramatically elevated fiber content in your daily diet when you take advantage of this weight loss supplement.

Because of the active ingredient we mentioned above this is 100% verifiable and proven to be true.

In addition, this active ingredient is considered to be one of the best fiber sources you can ingest on a daily basis – a soluble dietary fiber that can be rapidly absorbed into the body, producing tremendous results much faster than more traditional dietary fiber sources.

On top of that, this source of fiber can absorb upwards of 50 times its weight in water.


This easily makes it one of the more viscous dietary fibers on the planet, a fiber that is going to greatly expand inside of the gastrointestinal system, and a fiber that is not only going to help you maintain more regularity when going to the bathroom but is going to provide another big benefit when it comes to weight loss.

Because it can take on 50 times its weight in water, this fiber sources going to expand throughout your stomach and your gastrointestinal track.

That means you’re going to feel full more frequently, even when you aren’t – which helps you cut down on your caloric intake significantly.

Because you feel full more often you are going to eat less and eat less often.

This is going to have a transformative impact on your ability to lose weight, allowing you to drop pounds without having to change up your diet.

The Possible Side Effects of Lipozene

While the overwhelming majority of weight loss supplements on the market today have some kind of negative side effects attached to them, that isn’t going to be a problem when you choose to take advantage of Lipozene.

Because it has one and only one active ingredient – the fiber source glucomannan we have previously mentioned – there aren’t any potentially dangerous chemicals, additives, or extras mixed into this formula that could negatively impact your short or long term health.

The weight loss community, fitness community, and diet/nutrition community – as well as the medical community and large – consider this source of fiber to be safe, effective, and proven.


At the same time, those that do not consume enough water on a daily basis may find that this much fiber causes them some discomfort and possible constipation.

Other potential adverse reactions to not drinking enough water when using Lipozene include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea and
  • Increased Flatulence

To avoid the side effects you’ll want to make sure you’re consuming at least 8 ounces of water at every meal, and (hopefully) even more to speed up your overall weight loss journey.

Ingredients and Dosing Info for Lipozene

As mentioned, this weight loss supplement is built on the back of only a single active ingredient in glucomannan.

Other filler ingredients are included to round out these capsules, to speed up delivery, and to improve overall bioavailability, but at the end of the day the “meat and potatoes” of Lipozene is made up of that single source of fiber and that single source of fiber alone.

On top of that, the quantity of the active ingredients included in every single individual capsule of Lipozene is standardized across the board.

You’re looking at 750 mg of this active ingredient in every capsule, and the recommended dose may be anywhere between a single pill every day and 2 or 3 capsules spread throughout the day depending on your individual goals, height, weight, and overall health and wellness levels.

Potential Pricing Details for Lipozene

As far as overall pricing for this weight loss supplement is concerned, you’ll be able to take advantage of an introductory offer from the folks behind Lipozene that sends you a 100% free and no obligation bottle of Lipozene (30 capsules) just to try it out and see the results for yourself.

After that, you may have to start paying about $15 per bottle of Lipozene from then on out (again in 30 capsule quantities) – though sometimes you can find hot deals that reduce your overall price point for this weight loss supplement sometimes significantly.


Ordering direct from the manufacturer is the way to go if you want to take advantage of the latest deals and discounts, though you can also sometimes find this product on Amazon for discounted prices as well.

What People are Saying About Lipozene

The overwhelming majority of reviews online regarding Lipozene are generally positive, though as with any weight loss supplement that promises you’re going to be able to enjoy almost unbelievable results without having to change your diet or your exercise habits there can be a little bit of a mixed bag.

For the most part, however, people are quite positive about what Lipozene brings to the table.

This isn’t one of those modern-day snake oil jobs peddled by less than ethical marketers, but is instead a legitimate 100% all-natural weight loss supplement that does exactly what it promises – and backs those promises up with clinical trials and real scientific proof.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, if you’re serious about losing weight you want to take advantage of any and all supplements that can help you get the results you are looking for.


Lipozene does not replace proper diet and exercise, but instead supercharges the results you would have been able to enjoy when you started to clean up your diet and move your body more frequently.

If you are expecting a magic pill that’s going to transform your body overnight you will be disappointed with Lipozene.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for an extra edge and advantage to super charge your results, to boost your efforts, and to help you get the body and health you deserve faster than he would have been able to before – sometimes a lot faster – then Lipozene is definitely worth looking into.

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