Kevin Hart Confirms Hilarious Story From Dave Chappelle Stand-Up


Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle may both be comedians, but there’s no rivalry between the two. Their friendship has been well-documented over the years, including in Chappelle’s 2017 Netflix special The Age of Spin. During the show, he recounted a story about begrudgingly bringing his son to a Kevin Hart comedy show after finding out his son prefer’s Hart’s stand-up comedy to his own.

Now, Hart has provided a little more insight into exactly what happened that night in an interview with GQ

In the special, Chappelle recalled bringing his son backstage after the show to meet Hart, only to find his fellow comedian preparing for a feast.

“Kevin took us into his back room. This guy had a fucking spread,” Chappelle said in the special. “It was Tuesday night, this motherfucker was having Sunday dinner. Steaks, chops, corn with butter all over it. My son was eating all fast embarrassing me. I was like, ‘Slow down son.'”

Hart, who linked up with GQ to discuss his eating and exercise habits, revealed that the story was true. In fact, he has a spread like that every night while he’s on tour.

“No, that’s every city,” he said when asked if the dinner was a special occasion. Hart went on to explain why he keeps himself and his crew well-fed. 

“We have a large group so I prioritize making sure that they’re taken care of at the highest level,” he said. “That’s from the way we travel, to what we eat and where we stay. I’m appreciative of all the work that’s put in to make the machine run while we’re on tour. They all deserve to have the best, so I make sure they’re good. By the way, when I leave after the show, they’re still hanging out and having a good time. I’m just the one that’s a little more focused on the things I need to get done in the following days. Like I said, that rest is important.”

He had previously called the bit “amazing” on Twitter shortly after its release.

Chappelle recently discussed his friendship with Kevin Hart in an interview with Talib Kweli on The Midnight Miracle podcast, complimenting his fellow comedian for his ambitious career vision. 

“He’s, like, actually incredibly good at it,” Chappelle said of Hart’s comedy. “But Kevin, from early on, had a very specific notion about who and what he wanted to be, and it was big. You know, he plays stadiums. Everything in his mind is big. It was a choice. Him being big was a skilled shot. It was a hole in one. ‘I want this.’ He said exactly what he had to say the way he had to say it to be exactly what he wants to be.”

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