Kate Middleton Swears by This Effortless 5-Minute Mask That’s Perfect for Air Drying Fine Hair


This past Sunday, the royal family gifted the world a trio of stunning portraits of Kate Middleton (taken in late 2020) in honor of her 40th birthday. The Duchess of Cambridge was pictured in three ethereal, custom-made gowns by Alexander McQueen—but what really stood out (or, at least, made me audibly gasp) was her casually-styled wavy hair. While Middleton usually goes with a sleek blowout or structured updo, in this case, she opted for a more effortless, everyday (almost beach-y) look that’s totally unexpected.

The secret to Middleton’s seemingly low-effort shiny waves? It’s likely the hair mask that she reportedly uses (according to a recent roundup from Kerastase): Kerastase Masquintense Fine Hair Mask, which offers a lightweight formula that infuses moisture, smooths out tangles, and leaves strands ultra silky.


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Masquintense Fine Hair Mask — $56.00

If it’s good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, it’s obviously good enough for me. So, I gave it a few tries on my own hair (which is naturally thicker and wavier than Middleton’s), and the results were impressive.

The first time I used it, I let my hair air dry. My strands tend to frizz up without styling product, but not this time. The mask gave my hair (damaged after literally decades of dye and heating tools) the deep hydration it apparently needed, which helped to fend off frizz. With its help, I was left with soft, defined waves.

Since then, I’ve also used it to prep my hair for at-home blowouts (I use the Dry Bar Double Shot blow dryer, which is a major game-changer). Applying Masquintense in the shower before styling gives my strands a solid dose of heat protection, leaving me with a smooth style and no breakage in sight.

The mask’s ingredients are simple but effective. The three superstar oils include marula (which is high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and amino acids—a combination that offers intense, long-lasting hydration), camellia oil (which gives you all the shine), and argan oil (which has high levels of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E to infuse strands with moisture and helps strengthen hair overall). It also features iris rhizome extract (this prevents oxydation), glucids (this revitalizes the hair fiber), and, finally, lipids (for softening and strengthening).

At $56 a pop, the mask is an investment. But know that you only need to apply a quarter-sized dollop to your head of hair (even long hair! Mine goes past my boobs, for, ya know, reference), so the tub will last you a long, long time. Plus—it’s convenient. The instructions state you only need to leave the cream in your hair for five to 10 minutes. I generally shampoo my hair, apply the mask (foregoing my go-to conditioner), and then shave and exfoliate while Masquintense works its magic.

So, give yourself the Duchess treatment this year and snag this Kate Middleton-approved hair mask. If you wanna take some regal pics of your own, we wouldn’t blame you.

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