Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds Share Sneak Peek of ‘Deadpool 3’ Training


The third Deadpool movie has been in the works for years in preparation for a 2024 release, and Ryan Reynolds has been busy gearing up to step back into his signature red suit. This time, he’ll be joined by another iconic Marvel superhero, as Hugh Jackson is reprising his role as Wolverine in the movie. 

To get back into Deadpool shape, Reynolds is working with celebrity trainer Dan Saladino, whom he worked with for the first two Deadpool movies. The actor took to Instagram to shout out Saladino for his dedication to helping him squeeze back into “Deadpool’s Big Red Body Condom” and share photos from their time in the gym together. 

“My body’s been pretty fucked from years of stunts and being more competitive than my bones and ligaments had ambition for,” he wrote. “I push things too far sometimes. I mean, I push things too far ALL the time. Moderation’s never really been my friend. But thankfully Don has! He’s always been there to help me get back to functionality. Mentally and physically.”

“I realize how privileged I am to work with someone like him,” Reynolds acknowledged. “I don’t do this stuff alone. I don’t take it for granted. I knew getting back to where I needed wasn’t gonna be easy. And adding three months of strike limbo in the middle certainly didn’t help. Anyway… Thanks Don. Here’s to the home stretch.”

Jackman also gave a sneak peek at how his Wolverine training is going. “[Let’s fucking go],” he captioned an Instagram video of him lifting a trap bar with weights. He added a hashtag documenting his journey to “becoming Wolverine again (again).” 

Deadpool 3 has resumed filming as the SAG-AFTRA strike has been lifted, though its release has been delayed from May 2024 to a later date. With all that extra time in the gym, it’s probably safe to say both Reynolds and Jackman will be bursting out of their tight superhero suits by the time filming is over. 

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