Home Gym on a Budget: 7 Equipment Essentials


A gym is a place where people work out to stay in shape. However, subscribing to a gym plan can be quite expensive. To avoid this, you can consider having a home gym and enjoy several benefits. This article will talk about seven essential pieces of equipment you can buy to build your small home gym. So, keep reading to learn more.


A gym bench should be among the first pieces of equipment you should buy for your home gym. However, they come in different types, such as basic, adjustable, and 3-post designs. If you are into weightlifting, you can go for those with a weight rack. Also, consider the load capacity and compare prices before choosing one.

Squat Rack

This is used to assist you in progressing your squats as you can easily add increments of weight. As with the gym bench, there are several types of squat racks. The full power rack is recommended because of its different unique features. However, you can also go for the half rack, squat stand or combo rack.


Another good home gym equipment is a barbell. This holds weight plates in place for weightlifting. Depending on your preference, you can choose the standard stainless steel power bar, trap bar or cambered bar. When choosing, consider the material quality and maximum weight plates you’d attach to the barbell.

Weight Plates

Now to the weight plates. They come in different types and sizes. If you are new to working out with weights, it’s advisable to go for smaller sizes. When it comes to the types, the standard discs are popular for use in home gyms. However, olympic weight plates work just as well. Other types to consider are rubber plates, iron plates, technique bumper plates and training bumper plates.


Dumbbells or kettlebells are also a good addition to your home gym. They are versatile equipment that can be used in almost any kind of exercise. You can choose a few sizes perfect for your workout routine. But before buying a particular dumbbell, make sure you consider how well you can grip it.

Pull Up Bar

Pull-up bars are good for working the shoulders, core, back and arms. They are easy to install and should be among the pieces of equipment in your home gym. Some common types you can go for are the door frame bar, free-standing bar and joint-mounted bar.

Skipping Rope

Skipping is good for cardio, better coordination, burning calories and conditioning the body. Depending on your workout goal, you can choose from a basic jump rope to speed ropes made of light materials. As with other forms of exercises, you can have a rest between each skipping session. During this period, you can play casino games of your preferred choice. But before doing that, make sure to read Platincasino review to learn about all the benefits and games it has to offer.


This article has discussed some essential pieces of equipment you can buy to build your home gym. These items are inexpensive. Depending on the type of workout you are going for, you can choose the right equipment to use, ranging from gym benches to weight plates. Only buy equipment that is durable and fits your workout purpose. Besides that, compare prices to choose the best one.

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