Holiday Jingle Series || Part 3 – CORE


Let’s put some muscle behind that holiday hustle and “crunch” away those holiday cookies.

Sure the holidays are hectic, but that’s normal in everyday life. We just have to find ways to manage stress, schedules, and stay moving to a magical beat so you can fa-fa-fa along!

“Hustle” is the ability for one to keep moving forward regardless of how many times they are taken off track. Solution: Do your best to create a plan that ultimately creates consistency so you can prioritize your time and mindset. This will set the tone to drive your determination moving to achieve what you desire!

The “Holiday Jingle Series” includes 5 festively fun workouts that are time efficient and effective to melt off calories.

5-Part Holiday Jingle festively fun workouts include:

• LEGS: Santa’s Sleigh Slider

• ARMS: No More Jingle Arms

CORE: Cookie Killer

• CARDIO: Snowman Melter

• FUSION: Mistle “Toe Barre”

Let’s kill those cookies with calorie free crunches!!!


• Cables

• Low – Medium Level


• Use a timer app of choice

• Perform 45 seconds / exercise, 15 sec rest to transition to the next move

• Each completed round will take you approximately 5 minutes.

• Repeat as many rounds as your time permits.

NOTE: If your time is limited, aim to perform 20 reps of each exercise rather than timing the exercises.

Warmup: Forearm hip dips

1. Back Extensions (center/R/L)

2. Kneeling Torso Circles R/L

3. Crunch & Punch

4. Crunch & Fly

5. Knees In-Out


Check out the video to see how these exercises are performed on your Total Gym.

NOTE: This is Part-3 of the series. Learn this workout well, repeat it often, and incorporate it with Santa’s Sleigh Slider (legs) and “No More Jingle Arms” workouts. Stay tuned for the last 2 workouts in the series and keep jingling and mingling through the season!

Happy Holidays💚❤️


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